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    just ordered the Flex PE14-2-150

    after being torn about weather to get the Flex 3401, or the Flex PE14-2-150, I decided on the rotary. I have never used aa rotary before, but have been using a Maguires G110 for a few years now, and wanted to upgrade. I have a 2000 Ford ranger that I use for work, and that will be my geinea pig. I couldn't make up my mind and missed out on the flat rate shipping deal, but that is the way it goes. I ordered the package deal with the 5.5 inch lake country pads (6 pads in all) and micro fiber towels. Now I can't wait for it to get here to give it a try. I am thinking of going with the wolfgang line of products to use with it.

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    Re: just ordered the Flex PE14-2-150

    I got one used on eBay last month. It's a beautiful tool! I bought a hood from the junkyard to practice on.

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    Re: just ordered the Flex PE14-2-150

    Welcome to AutoGeekOnline!

    Congrats on picking up the PE14! It is an incredible tool that is easier to use than its competition by its size/weight ratio. I love it. Get some practice time behind it working on scrap panels or your work truck before you get going on customer cars. This is said for all users new to rotary polishing.

    The Wolfgang line of polishes do very well with this machine.

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    Re: just ordered the Flex PE14-2-150

    The PE-14 is a really awesome tool, Enjoy it.

    If you are not very familiar with a rotary be extra careful with larger pads, As your focusing sometimes on the particular area you are polishing you sometimes overlook the area you are not focusing on and the pad might be hitting a raiser corner or edge.

    Always be aware of the complete area you are working, Even if it seems you arent really polishing that specific area.

    Enjoy the tool, It is really smooth, and quiet.

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    Re: just ordered the Flex PE14-2-150

    Congrats on your purchase!

    I too, just recently snagged the PE14, and all I can say is, "Why did I wait so long!?"

    Superior maneuverability over the "larger" rotary units, and decibels quieter than even my Makita! (I can't stand the sound of the dewalt unit under load). Also runs much cooler!

    Glad with my flex units thus far! Team forced rotation!

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