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    Jun 2011
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    Griot's Machine Polish & LC Pads

    Anyone ever use the LC (CCS) pads with any of the 4 step set?
    I was thinking of using the green or white pad with the machine polish steps 3 or 4
    and the orange or yellow pad with steps 1 and 2.

    I already have the pads and have used them with the 105/205 but I purchased the Griots set after reading the reviews and want to give it a try on my own car before i do a customer detail with them. Any insight would be very helpful.

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    Senior Member TornadoRed's Avatar
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    LC pads will be fine. The Griot's orange pad doesn't have much cut but does finish nice. I use hydro tech pads with the Griot's polish.

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    Re: Griot's Machine Polish & LC Pads

    I have a similar question on this topic.

    I have an Alpine White BMW and the paint is in pretty good condition except for some light swirls and scratches.

    Being new to machine correction, I decided to practice on my trunk lid using my GG 6" ROP, GG Orange pad and GG Machine Polish 3. After reviewing the full section pass, the #3 polish removed some swirls but not all. I then stepped down to the #2 polish and followed up with the #3. This worked better but some swirls and light scratches remained.

    Using the techniques Mike teaches, I wasn't able to remove all the swirl marks. After researching the threads I ordered the LC Orange 5.5 CCS pads and LC 5" backing plate.

    Trying to stick with the axiom "use the least aggressive product" to solve the problem, I was wondering if I am going to get enough or too much cut using the LC Orange pad and Machine Polish 2 followed by Machine Polish 3?

    Any suggestions or advice is appreciated.



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    Senior Member rakkvet's Avatar
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    Re: Griot's Machine Polish & LC Pads

    Using the Griots 4 step process with their 6" Orange pad takes forever in my opinion. I have been using the 4" Hydrotech pads and get some great results with them. As far as Steps 1-4 I will say this: Griots stuff is very forgiving. It is an excellent way for someone to learn how to use a RO and polishes. The products work but take a lot longer to get correction because they are not as aggressive as M105/205 combo or the Menzerna products. I wouldn't trade my Griots RO for anything. It's awesome. You do need to play around with different pad and polish combinations if you want to get faster correction. If you are new to polishing you wouldn't be wrong working with Griots polishes. I think after you get good at it, you will want to try smaller pads and different pad combinations.

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    Re: Griot's Machine Polish & LC Pads

    I have plenty of the Griot's Orange and Red pads. The Orange pad works well, but like the other posts say, they don't have much cut. Which can be good or bad, depending on what you are trying to archive. I really like their Red pad for waxing. I have bought a bunch of LC pads to try out soon....
    My name is Ted and I'm a Auto Geek!!

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