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Thread: Eagle One Nano

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    Eagle One Nano

    Has anyone tried Eagle One Nano polish/wax or spray wax.

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    Re: Eagle One Nano

    "Be wary of the man who urges an action in which he himself incurs no risk."
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    Re: Eagle One Nano

    Yes, about 2-3 years ago, the spray wax, don't know if it is the same formulation as the current product. It worked well, not that I care, it is my favorite smelling car product of all time. I hope the current stuff smells the same, I'm almost out.

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    Re: Eagle One Nano

    I used to use the paste and was probably about a 4.5 out of 10 happy with it. There are better products available at the same place EON is
    "Dirt likes detergent so much better than the surface that it's attached to, it'll leave that surface to go hang out with the soap"...aim4squirrels

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    Re: Eagle One Nano

    I have used the liquid and paste versions of the wax that's no longer available anymore as well as the Wax As-U Dry spray wax product. The wax as u dry product works very well, applied wet or dry. I mainly used it as a drying aid, but it does act as a "booster" wax for whatever you have the car coated with. I tested it a few times as a stand-alone product on a vehicle that had no wax on it previously and it beaded a solid month or so by itself. It's a solid product(that smells great!), but I recommend buying a spray product in bulk instead to save money. Both the liquid and paste versions of Eagle Nanowax seemed to last exactly 3 months for me. They smelled nice, looked good, and were easy to apply + remove. They did not stain trim or leave any residue behind which was the selling point that caught my eye years ago. I still have a few tins of the paste and about a half a bottle of the liquid that I use on occasion.

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    Re: Eagle One Nano

    I’ve used both the spray wax and wax as you dry. Both good. Car seems to stay clean for a long time after the spray wax.

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