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    Initial Impressions: Detailer's Pro Quick Detailer

    Initial Impressions: Detailer's Pro Quick Detailer


    This is my fourth review of products from the new Detailer's Pro Aerosol series and thought this one would fall into my wheelhouse. I collect (it seems) QDs and use frequently, albeit not for light cleaning. I prefer to use them as drying aids and to add a little pop after a maintenance wash. If I need to do a light clean beyond freshly made waterspots from my MetroVac, I use a waterless wash.

    Thanks to Corey again for providing the format.


    Product Claims:

    From AutoGeek site - Detailer’s Pro Series Quick Detailer, car detail spray, quick detailer spray, best detailing spray

    "Refresh paint's shine instantly!

    Spray on Detailer's Quick Detailer and instantly revive the shine of existing wax. This quick aerosol detail spray bonds to the existing wax or sealant polymers to reactivate them, restoring the shine and boosting paint protection. Use Detailer's Quick Detailer any time to turn up the gloss on all paints and clear coats.

    Detailer's Quick Detailer is designed for detailers or anyone who likes instant gratification. The aerosol formula quickly coats the paint and buffs off effortlessly. The paint is left clean, shiny, and silky smooth.

    Use Detailer's Quick Detailer over any wax or paint sealant. The clear polymer formula will not cloud existing paint protection. Just spray on and buff off to renew a showroom shine!

    Detailer's Quick Detailer has a wide spray nozzle that coats the paint quickly with a fine mist. The high lubricity formula protects the paint from loose dirt as it is wiped from the paint. For the best results, always use a clean microfiber towel and flip it to a clean side as needed.

    Apply Detailer's Quick Detailer after washing and drying your vehicle, or use it to touch up the paint any time.
    With Detailer's Quick Detailer, you can enjoy a clean, spot-free vehicle at all times."


    1.- Packaging: Aerosol can
    2.- Directions: Clearly labeled
    3.- Viscosity: Light foam
    4.- Color: White
    5.- Scent: Can't identify it but quite nice
    6.- Price at time of review: 16oz = $ 12.99
    7.- Manufacturer: DP
    9.- Made in: USA

    Other Products Used:

    16x16 MF (2)


    Used on both of my cars (2011 Hyundai Sonata + UPGP and 2003 Hyundai Tiburon + Reload). Both were thoroughly washed with Pinnacle XMT Gel Shampoo & Conditioner (old formula) and dried with my 8hp MetroVac Master Blaster. Tires were dressed with Surf City Beyond Black (for the insatiably curious).


    Apply lightly to paint. Spread thinly. Buff gently.


    Awesome smell. Not sure exactly what it is but really liked it. Light and slightly sweet. Adds tons of straight-up gloss.

    Wished I had more good things to say but I struggled with DP Quick Detailer. It was much harder to control than DP Trim Detailer or DP Quick Wax. I think this is related to its consistency. It is very similar to Sprayway Glass Cleaner which I can't use on glass without making a mess. Both products come out with great velocity and go everywhere. I used inside my garage with the doors open (10AM and was already hot and humid) and I had light foamy stuff floating down the panels. (I figured out to work downwind so it not to matter so much.) Then I had issues with wiping off/streaking/smearing, especially noticeable on the Carbon Blue Tiburon. Had to go over multiple times to get it mostly clear and resorted to UWW+ (on the Tiburon - after the below pics). The extra wiping certainly added time. Wasn't sure if I used too much (likely) or too little but couldn't get it right. Got best results from light sprays but that was hard to do. As soon as it registered spray was coming out, it was already too much. Had variable cleaning results, too. It pulled some brown residue off of the Sonata that I didn't know was there (good) but had trouble with some white stuff that got on the Tiburon while drying (not so much). Also felt a bit "grabby" on application but became moderately slick upon drying.

    Once you do get it off, it looks pretty good.

    Does it meet its claims? Hard to say.


    1.- Pleasant smell
    2.- Very glossy


    1.- Cleaning ability.


    1.- Hard to control
    2.- A little streaky on darker colors

    Final Observations and Summary:

    After being completely delighted with the first three DP aerosol products (DP Quick Wax, DP Trim Detailer and DP Leather Cleaner & Conditioner), DP Quick Detailer was a bit of a let-down. I titled this "Initial Impressions" because I haven't given up on it yet. Will try again and maybe Nick can toss out a few pointers. The streaky comment sounds bad but it is probably no worse than Optimum Instant Detailer. The main difference is I can better control the amount of product used with a spray bottle. It also should be noted I am extremely picky.

    As for looks, that is a personal choice. I prefer the "wetter" look and it, coupled with UPGP at least, seems to make my Sonata look a little bland (no snide remarks, please).

    Comments and questions are encouraged. Thanks for viewing!

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    Re: Initial Impressions: Detailer's Pro Quick Detailer

    Hey Mike,

    Another great review!!

    I have to say the gloss is unbelievable and talk about something quick and easy to make the finish look great!

    These new products are reinventing detailing and it's so easy these days to product a gorgeous shine!

    BobbyG - 2004 Millennium Yellow Z06 Corvette

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