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Thread: Grit Guard

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    Grit Guard

    Being a professional painter, I appreciate a can of paint that has no contamination in it.
    I was a bit skeptical in regards to the Grit Guard so after receiving mine on Friday, I decided to wash the wife's car, which was very clean, except for dust accumulation
    from outdoors.

    Grit Guard.

    The Grit Guard, grit guard insert, bucket grate, car wash bucket grid,

    Car before washing. One week old 3M Professional Finish with one layer of Carnauba Wax.

    To be fair, I started with a new microfiber wash mitt. I rinsed the mitt inside out and shook out excess water.

    I pre-rinsed the car well and washed it inside the garage. I avoided all fender rims, rocker panels, etc. I usually wash those areas with a soft bristled car brush. NO wheels or tires were washed using this test bucket.

    To perform the test, I inserted a paint filter beneath the Grit Guard. Using 1 1/2 oz of Gold Class Shampoo and Conditioner, to 2 gallons of water I washed and rinsed the car, paying close attention to making contact between mitt and Grit Guard on every dip.

    After the final rinse, I poured out the bucket, removed the Grit Guard and the paint filter.

    Here is the paint filter.

    It will be interesting to see the results after washing a car that's been on the road a week.

    I'm sold on Grit Guard.


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    Re: Grit Guard

    Wow I like this, we are taking our reviews to a new level! Nice review and thank you for sharing, I did not even know there was a thing called paint filters... constantly learning here at AGO! :D

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