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    Colorbond LVP for leather and vinyl...

    Colorbond is a OEM approved leather and vinyl dye in a spray can. It comes in many OEM colors. This would be applied in a manner similar to any other vinyl or fabric paint. Clean the leather with Isopropyl alcohol and let dry. Hold the spray can about 12 inches away from the leather and mist an application. Repeat every 10 minutes till you get full coverage. It's a really simple product to use. It also smells really bad so wear a mask and don't try this in your house. It would be best to use in a ventilated area. Results look good and Colorbond claims at least 4 years of life. If you need to fix leather seats, this is probably the easiest most consistent way to do it.

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    Re: Colorbond LVP for leather and vinyl...

    I wanted to give an update. Over the course of a couple hours I laid down about 6 coats of Colorbond on my seat. After allowing it to dry for about 6 hours (the manufacturer claims a dry time of just under a minute) I installed the seat. Since we are late in the year I wanted to get a coat of conditioner on the seat so I applied some Zaino Z10 to bring the gloss up some to match the other seats. I used a white terry cloth applicator and got some dye transfer off but not an excessive amount. The fibers had some transfer but the applicator wasn't completely black. I think this was probably more of an overspray that didn't bond to the previous coats. I also used Colorbond to touch up the fading headliner. Overall I'm impressed with the product.

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