Application is no a strong suit of any of the Griots products. CSS definitely needs more elbow grease than regular speed shine.

Their are definitely alot of Sio2 sealants that apply easier than 3-1. People seem to have problems removing the glass cleaner. The all seem to be a bit tacky.

If your gonna use on glass though this is half the price of CSS. Makes more sense. Of the 3 I find CSS the least impressive due to price.

The only reason I would recommend would be if you used 3-1 as your LSP.

3-1 is the best of the bunch and for inexpensive Sio2 sealant class (under $30) i find it is a great sheeter and mediocre beading with solid longevity. It’s family members have potential but there warts also.

Hopefully the krinkle towels help for removing.

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