Disclaimer, I am a weekend warrior/ detailing enthusiast in my mid 50's, so my priorities might not be the same as yours, they certainly are not the same as mine were just a short 5 years ago. I have been looking for a new polish since HD stopped making Polish+. I really liked the working time, lack of dusting, easy wipe off and no trim staining of that product. The Polish+ had some bite to it as well if you wanted to be more aggressive with pads, pressure and tool speed. I was in the local Advance Auto and saw The Complete Polish as well as its' companion, Complete Compound (I also like the Complete Compound , but have only used it on a friends car to remove some paint transfer and to remove some mild scratches), so I decided to pick them up. I prepped our two cars, as well as my mother in law's (MOL) car for winter in the last 8 days.

Starting with my MOL's car which is a 2007 Honda Fit. The paint has scratches, some minor swirling. This was by no means to be a paint correction job, but I wanted to clean the paint up, remove some minor marks and restore some gloss to it before applying Sonax Polymer Netshield for winter protection. I paired it with a 5.5" Buff & Shine Green Foam Polishing pad, my GG6 orbital and speed 4, using just a bit more than the weight of the tool for pressure. I made only two cross hatch passes. I used the same color foam but with a 4" size for smaller areas. This obviously did not remove all the minor marks, but did make them less noticeable, and added nice gloss. The product did not dust at all, had extremely easy wipe off, and did not stain trim. Hmm, just what I was looking for. I will say this product does not have the bite the Polish+ had, but again, I could have gotten more aggressive if needed. I used Mother's CMX Surface Prep to remove any polishing oils and applied the Sonax PNS with a microfiber applicator (I was out of the Sonax applicator sponges, which turned out to be a good thing, I think I preferred this method to Sonax's applicator), this seemed to allow easier wipe off as I believe I used less product and once the applicator got saturated, I only needed to use more PNS every other panel.

For my two cars, I used the exact same process with the only change was using B&S Blue light polishing pads and speed 3.5 on the machine. I was impressed as I was able to polish the complete hood with out stopping to add more product, wipe off still being easy (again, I was not looking for correction, just cleaning the paint and adding gloss). The product is fairly thick, so easy to get pea sized blobs onto the pad, no runs or dripping. The pads cleaned up very easily with soap and water after use.

If you aren't looking for perfection, but want a nice cleaning polish with easy wipe off, no dusting or trim staining, is available locally and is moderately priced, give this a try.