This is a review of the new Detailer's Pride Ceramic Wash and Ceramic Detail Spray as part of the release of new products in the Detailer’s Pride Ceramic Collection. PMBG was kind and gracious enough to send out the Ceramic Collection and asked that I do some honest reviews on the products. No financial remuneration was received as part of the review of this product. I was getting ready to do my weekly wash on my 2018 Porsche Macan and thought it would be a good opportunity to try out these two ceramic maintenance products. My Porsche Macan is currently ceramic coated with Gtechniq CSL/EXO and I use a topper just about every wash. These toppers include Beakmaker, TEC 582, or C2V3.

Product Description: Detailer’s Pride Ceramic Wash

DP Ceramic Wash is the wash you are looking for if you want a highly hydrophobic maintenance wash. After removing contaminants, DP Ceramic Wash provides a boost to your ceramic coating each time it is used. Plus, the formula used for DP Ceramic Wash will make every wash easier than the one before it.
What to expect:
• MAINTENANCE WASH! While still leaving behind a layer of SiO2 protection.
• SHINE! A glossy, slick shine thanks to its hydrophobic properties.
• CLEANS! Removes dirt, dust, road grime and other contaminants.

First and foremost, DP Ceramic Wash removes dust, dirt, road grime and other surface contaminants from your vehicle. Wash your car either once or routinely, with DP Ceramic Wash so that you can leave behind a layer of SiO2 protection. This SiO2 quality will provide incredible water beading, also known as hydrophobicity, to keep water from collecting on the surface and thus preventing water spots from forming. This hydrophobic property will also add a slick, sleek, glossy shine.

Each time you use DP Ceramic Wash your vehicle will have a little bit more of an SiO2 boost each time you use it, so will help to extend your coatings overall protection. However, it will also make each wash even easier. DP Ceramic Wash can be used as often as you like, so luckily it is easy-to-use, but still don't use it in direct sunlight. Mix 2 ounces of DP Ceramic Wash with three to five gallons of water and activate the product with a jet of water. Then get to work washing your car, top to bottom, rinsing frequently. It's important to not let DP Ceramic Wash dry on the surface.
Cost: $27.99 for 12 ounces


-Do not wash vehicle in direct sunlight.
-Mix approximately 2 oz. of DP Ceramic Wash with 3-5 gallons of water.
-Activate suds with a strong jet of water.
-Wash entirety of vehicle, starting at the top and working your way down.
-Rinse frequently during the wash – do not allow DP Ceramic Wash to dry on the surface.

2 ounces per directions

Suds at start of the wash

Thoughts and Observations:

1. Consistency-DP Ceramic Wash has a very thin viscosity and reminds me of Turtle Wax Max Power Wash. It has a similar green color to it and feels super slick in your fingers.
2. Suds-I mixed DP Ceramic Wash per directions with about 2 ounces in a 3-5 gallon bucket. The suds were thick on the initial onset of the wash. However, I found myself having to “refresh” the bucket to get the suds to come back. This was probably one feature where the product fell slightly short. I do have hard water so it is possible that this contributed to the decreased amount of suds through the wash.
3. Cleaning Ability-Excellent. DP Ceramic Wash cleaned the surface with ease and rinsed clean and easily.
4. Lubricity-This is probably the one attribute where DP Ceramic Wash shines. This product is super slick and causes the wash media to just glide over the paint finish with ease.
5. Overall this is good maintenance soap at a very economical price for someone looking to maintain and wash a ceramic coated vehicle.

Product Description: DP Ceramic Detail Spray

DP Ceramic Detail Spray is an easy-to-use quick detailer that is infused with SiO2 properties. Designed to remove surface contaminants, DP Ceramic Detail Spray is highly lubricating, so it doesn't harm the surface as it cleans. DP Ceramic Detail Spray is safe to use on ceramic coatings, waxes and sealants, all while adding even more gloss.

What to expect:

• SIO2 PROPERTIES! Creates extreme hydrophobicity and protection.
• CLEANS! Gently removes surface contamination such as dirt, dust and light debris.
• SAFE! Can be used on ceramic coatings, waxes and sealants.

DP Ceramic Detail Spray gently and easily removes surface contaminants, such as dirt, dust, and other light debris that find their way to your surface. This is because the formula of DP Ceramic Detail Spray is highly lubricating, gently pulling these contaminants from the surface without causing harm. This allows for easier maintenance washes!

Cost: $!9.99 for 12 ounces

Thoughts and Observations:

1. Scent- DP Ceramic Detail Spray has a very pleasant fruity smell (banana maybe) that is not over powering.
2. Gloss- I applied DP Ceramic Detail Spray with a micro fiber towel and noticed a great increase in the gloss on the paint surface after applying. The product spread easily and wiped off with a quick flip of the towel. I had no issues with streaking at all.
4. Slickness-This is probably the one area where DP Ceramic Detail Spray falls a bit short. I did not notice an immediate increase in the slickness of the paint surface after application. DP Ceramic Detail Spray does not have the same level of slickness compared to a product like Beadmaker or Detailer’s Pride Need for Bead. The product did however clean the surface well, removed some small water spots etc, and left the finish with a nice gloss.