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    Chemical Hydroslick Gel / Griots Ceramic 3 in 1 spray wax

    Not so recently, i decided to Ceramic coat (Using that term lightly) my new to me 2019 accord touring. It was october, so i wanted something that would last the winter season. I did not have access to a garage, just a parking lot, so i didnt want to try any of the "real" ceramic coatings that have to flash/cure overnight. That lead me to two products. Griots ceramic spray wax Which i already had, and used on other cars, and the Chemical guys Ceramic Hydroslick Gel wax.
    Reading some reviews i was convinced to buy the Chemical guys. For this review, i will cover my thoughts on both the Griots and the Chemical guys products.


    1. Applies almost as easily as a spray wax.
    2. It can be applied while the car is wet, and used as a drying aid, though when this was done on my mustang considerable touch up buffing was needed the next day.
    3. When applied to a dry car, it goes on easily. There is a little more effort in removing it than with say Meguiars ultimate spray wax, but the delta is negligible and within the normal scope of spray wax application.
    4. Durability is pretty good. Its definitely better than a normal spray wax. With a spray wax my car looses the slick paint feel after about a week or two (post wash) With griots its still there a month later. Water beading is also considerably more durable than with a normal spray wax. Id say when applied to a dry car, water beading lasts about 2 months. With maybe 2 washes in between. The durability of this spray wax outpaces pretty much any other wax ive used including caranuba and synthetic waxes from meguiars.
    Overall: Griots Spray wax is easy to use and does a good job on protection and durability. Not living up to real ceramic coatings but easily matching or outpacing traditional paste or liquid waxes. The ability to use it on a wet car also means that you can maintain a coat of it very easily if applied every 2nd or 3rd wash.

    Chemical Guys Hydroslick:

    (let me caveat this review with saying that it was about 65 when i started and about 50 degrees when i finished.)
    To prep my car for this application i did the following: Wash, Clay, Polish, Gyeon paint cleanser.

    1. It is not easy to apply. at least not compared to your average liquid wax. Typically i would use a DA to apply a wax, but the hydroslick requires hand application. It also does not go on as smoothly as a caranuba paste.
    2. Removal was a huge pain. After the time frame given on the bottle i buffed each panel. It seemed fine. By the time i finished the last panel there was a tacky residue on the first panel. I tried buffing it again and wasnt able to do much. I eventually had to grab some instant detailer and spritz the panel and buff that way. I had to repeat this for every panel on the car.
    3. Durability. Here in January the car is still beading water. So durability is good. Though it has lost that smooth feeling. Overall for the price the durability is good. Its definitely better than any other product ive used including Klasse.
    Overall: I Have an almost full bottle of it and im not sure if ill use it again. Not being a true coating like Gquartz etc, the durability has its limits. The appliocation and removal effort put into applying this stuff could be better applied to using something like G2 one. I will have access to a garage in the near future, and i think that is the path i will take. If you have time, and you dont have a garage, its a good product. Just be prepared to fight with it.

    Chemical guys vs Griots:

    (i realize this isnt an apples to apples comparison) I can wholeheartedly recommend the Griots coating. Its easy to apply, and adds a few minutes to the average car wash, or 10-20 minutes after a wash for a dry coating. It lasts a month or more, and can easily be maintained by using it as a drying aid. I dont however recommend the chemical guys coating. There are less troublesome options available. Id rather coat my car once a month with the Griots, that fight with the CG coating once every 3-5 months.

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    Re: Chemical Hydroslick Gel / Griots Ceramic 3 in 1 spray wax

    Thanks for sharing your experience with both products. I've been able to get 2-3 months out of the Griots 3 in 1 Ceramic Spray Wax. You do have to be mindful of overspray with it, and it can be a little finicky in higher temps or humidity. I'd heard mixed reviews about Hydroslick, so I never tried it.

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