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    DP Interior Surface Cleaner and Protectant

    Had some nice weather and a little time to wash the truck. I decided to pick up the new DP Interior cleaner/protectant combo. I'll do a quick review of both.

    The inside of my F150 is filthy from a winter's worth of driving.

    I sprayed the interior cleaner on a clean microfiber and wiped everything down. Results were good. Not a ton of shine, which is fine by me, just a nice clean surface.

    A little residue seen as it dries. Once it was dry, the surface of my touch screen and dash were clean and streak-free. Now onto the protectant. This stuff really impressed me. I've struggled to find something that left all interior surfaces clean with no streaking, blotting, or haze on clear surfaces and touch screens. Not anymore. This stuff works. As I said before, I don't like the oily shine that a lot of interior cleaners leave behind. I had been wiping down with APC at 10:1 and a little distilled water after that because of the above mentioned issues. The protectant left behind no streaks, and a nice shine that isn't overly oily. It worked on the vinyl, on the hard plastic, on the textured surfaces, on the fake carbon trim, and on the chromed trim strip that surrounds it. I'm impressed.

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    Re: DP Interior Surface Cleaner and Protectant

    Nice review. Thanks! Good information regarding clean wipe off of the protectant.

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