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    Re: Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Products from a Hobbyist and Enthusiast Perspective

    I am a believer and user.
    2018 Colorado ZR2

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    Re: Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Products from a Hobbyist and Enthusiast Perspective

    Quote Originally Posted by synrg View Post

    I appreciate Mike’s passion, knowledge, experience, integrity, and pragmatism. His contribution, whether to the professional or hobbyist, is significant and has high value to both the community, and to the vendors, as he is able to demonstrate proper product use in a simple, honest, and forthright manner. Truly a valuable asset.


    Thank you for the very nice complement.

    I work really hard at my job and always strive to help everyone by answering their questions in-depth on this forum as well as writing honest reviews based upon real-world experience. This is why when I write a review, which are actually how-to articles at the same time, it's by actually using the product as it's supposed to be used and then documenting the project.

    It takes a lot of time to do this type of work and it's nice to hear from someone that appreciates it.

    I'm continually surprised this write-up didn't get more action?

    Review: Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Polish & Wax

    The BEAST and Hybrid Solutions Polish & Wax

    The swirls and dirt stained paint I documented in and on the paint of the car in that project was the real-deal. I wasn't sure what to expect from the abrasive technology from Turtle Wax because in the past, they have not had a great reputation in this area. This forum has had multiple people join and ask for help to remove scouring left in clearcoat paints by their past products.

    That said, after I did my Test Spot, (shown in the write-up), I was impressed. Especially at the price point for this product.

    Again, kind of surprised there wasn't more action in the thread but after I do the work, create the how-to article and post it, I have to move-on to the next project.

    Currently I have enough pictures from recent detailing work I've done to write about a dozen brand new how-to articles, (reviews).

    Again, thank you for taking the time to share a VERY WELL WRITTEN post to this forum. I can see by the coding, you're not new to formatting text via BB Code and you're certainly very good at writting. So many people when they write they put everything into one HUGE chunk of text not knowing people won't read huge chunks of text.

    Mike Phillips
    Director of Training Autogeek & Marine 31
    IDA Board Member - Certified Detailer - Skills Validated Detailer - IDA Recognized Trainer
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    Re: Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Products from a Hobbyist and Enthusiast Perspective

    Thanks for the compliments on the review, Mike, much appreciated especially coming from you. You have a real gift to be able to translate technical information into layman's terms that is easy to read. Your writing is very conversational, and has a great flow to it. A great balance too between giving enough detail, and not getting bogged down in it. I have always enjoyed your writing, very informative and entertaining to read.

    Actually, I don't know much about the coding. I wrote the review in Apple's application "Pages", so that if I got interrupted, timed out, or there was a glitch, I wouldn't have to start over (don't ask how I know). Then I just cut and paste from Pages to the Forum here and it works great, including the bullets. Agreed, long continuous posts can be difficult to read and follow. Maybe this approach might make it easier for others to edit and post.

    I guess I'm one of the few who has read your review thread; content-rich as usual with lots of good info in there, besides just the stuff on the Hybrid solutions.

    Again, thanks for your excellent work and its value. Yeah, folks notice.

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    Re: Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Products from a Hobbyist and Enthusiast Perspective

    The coating was easy to use and smelled great! My first ceramic product. I just ordered the wet wax, figured it's the best way to maintain this coating, 3 in 1 detailer seemed like it was more for waterless washes which I have covered

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