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"After the tire shine has completely cured then I take a microfiber cloth folded as pictured below and gently wipe off the excess tire shine."

I'm curious..why do you have to wipe the excess after its been fully cured? Shouldn't you do a final wipe before its fully cured?
I dress the tires and then dress the trim. After I finish dressing the trim I come back with a microfiber towel and give it a really gentle wipe. You can even not wipe it at all if you'd like. McKee's suggests that you don't wipe the tire as it will affect the bond to the tire. It is just a personal preference. I have had an experience in the past where tire gel has slung on to the paint, so i wipe as added insurance against that. Great question my friend! Thank you for asking this. Why I Love McKee's 37 SiO2 Enhanced Tire Shine

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