Wax Shop Shine That Blinds Spray Wax

Got a chance to use this towards the end of my vacation. Truck was in the garage, currently wearing their deep reflections wax. Grabbed a MF and the spray wax. Light cherry scent. Not watery. Has some substance. Spread out evenly and buffed off without streaks or smears. Sprayer and bottle were fine. 16oz. This does not haze. It is ready to spray and wipe. Look and end results were fantastic. There are currently quite a few spray wax's to pick from today. This one I liked. I did contact them to see if it can be used as a drying aid, but told it's best used on a dry surface. I still might use it as a drying aid once, just to see the results. I have not run across many spray wax's or detailers that could not be used as a drying aid.