After purchasing an Avalon Hybrid that all changed.

I had a lot of my supplies/towels still but decided I should probally invest in some new stuff.

As per my previous post I’ve only used diluted “Simple Green” to clean my interior before applying dressing in the past.

I purchased Car Guys “ Super Cleaner “ after reading a lot of very positive reviews.
I gave it a try today and really liked it. Albeit I only have my memory of using diluted “Simple Green” from 10+ years to compare it to.

It was hard for me to judge how well it cleaned the interior and leather because my car was owned by a couple in their late 70’s and only drove it 5,000 miles a year. So it was in pretty much new condition when I got it. I doubt the trunk and backseat ever got used because the leather is absolutely perfect and buttery smooth.

I liked it and will more then likely purchase another bottle when empty.

***** The biggest con with this product is the $. Granted $15-$25 for a bottle of a car product is nothing un-realistic but when you compare it to the $5 - $9 stuff you might be used I can see where it might be a tough sale.