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    Re: Nano Shock vs. Aquawax, DG 931, MG D156?

    Quote Originally Posted by CAdetailer View Post
    First I live 1,000ft from a freeway that gets a a million cars a day and I back to street that gets 400k cars & trucks a
    day and my vehicles are outside 24/7 so I get a lot of fallout.

    Also the 476 isn't gone in a month but if I let it sit longer than 4-6 weeks without a wash particles start to embed into the paint to the point I can't get them out with just a wash I have to scrape them off/out with my fingernail.

    And if I'm washing it, I might as well wax it to make sure it's protected. Plus I like to keep my paint nice.

    Since nobody actually has experience with Nano Shock, (that's why I'm posting, I couldn't find review on the Nano Shock as a QD vs others) does anybody have experience between the Duragloss & the Meg's?
    And as I thought you live in a harsh environment. Sorry for going outside of your question. But it just seemed strange with the need of Speed and Collinite 476s application every month. There are things you can do to have less of a contaminants build up if you are interested to it.

    Read about Nanoskin Nano Shock. Seems like a versitale product and a little more protection in it than most of the products you use as claylube. If you like it the gallon size on $40 I think is very good for such a product. And if you want to test the other Duragloss and D156. They are not so high of a cost that you could ad one or two of them when you buy the gallon of the Nano Shock. That way you see how they work in your environment.

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    Re: Nano Shock vs. Aquawax, DG 931, MG D156?

    I'd be installing a base of Duragloss 601/101, and maintain with Aquawax if my car was in that harsh an area.

    I'd also consider using Duragloss 101 in place is Speed (when Speed runs out) - only because I don't know how long Speed will last. I hear a lot of it failing fast, but so far I like it. 101 does a better than expected job of cleaning the paint, with a yellow Rupes foam pad.

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