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    Review: IGL Coatings LEATHER ECOSHINE

    Review: IGL Coatings LEATHER ECOSHINE


    What is it?

    IGL ecoshine Leather is a unique, all-natural pH-balanced, leather cleaner and conditioner.

    What does it do?

    Cleans and conditions leather interior surfaces.

    When do I use it?

    After first removing any loose dirt and on a regular schedule to maintain your car's leather interior.

    Why should I use it?

    To keep your car's leather interior looking new, smelling fresh and to help prevent premature fading and aging.

    From the manufacturer

    ecoshine leather

    • Leather Safe
    • PPF & Vinyl Safe

    ecoshine leather, is a nanotechnology based natural, zero VOC 2-in-1 cleaner & conditioner for your car’s interior. Our bio-based formula contains plant-based emollients & conditioning agents which naturally lift contaminants from the leather pores. The treated leather will have a rich & nourished surface.

    Creates a clean, color enhanced, no extra slick added surface

    Acts as a leather nutrient for authentic leather and protects from harmful UV

    Formulation is free from dangerous solvents, Non-toxic, biodegradable and REACH compliant

    Blend of natural fruity essential oil produces a fresh and clean smell.

    It doesn't leave any sticky or shiny residue

    Simple and straightforward application method

    Leather Bucket Seats

    Here's my test vehicle, this is a 1946 Dodge Panel Delivery streetrod with some really nice leather bucket seats. I'm not sure what these seats are originally out of but I know they were not the factory seats that came with this back in 1946. I had previously detailed the outside of this cool streetrod as well as cleaned and polished the wheels and tires. The last area that needed attention was the seats. They looked like no one had properly taken care of them since 1947.

    High-back leather bucket seats our of a modern car re-purposed for a cool and rare streetrod.

    IGL Coatings Leather Ecoshine - Cleaner, Conditioner and also a Protectant.

    Easy to use

    One of the bullet points the company includes with their information about this product is it's easy to use with a straightforward application process. I already like it. All you're going to need are a few microfiber products like a microfiber applicator pad and a couple of microfiber towels to wipe-off any excess residue and/or loosened grime.

    Step 1: Apply a liberal amount of product to the face of a clean, microfiber applicator pad.

    Use ample product

    For any initial or first time application, don't be stingy with the product. You want lots of liquid on the surface working for you to loose old and even aged grime like body oils, sweat, perspiration plus any other contaminants like dirt or food and beverage stains.

    Step 2: Spread the product out to a section or panel of leather and then work the product over the surface for 30 to 45 seconds. Longer if the surface is really grimy.

    Step 3: Remove any excess product plus all the grime it has emulsified and loosened using a clean, microfiber towel.

    There's not a huge visual difference in the before and after section where I worked....

    But the side I treated sure feels better....

    Than the side I have not worked on yet... I would much rather touch and sit on the cleaned, conditioned and protected side than the neglected side.

    Repeat this step to all the various areas of the leather in your car.

    Leather Ecoshine is also safe for vinyl so if you're not sure what the back and side panels are made of? No problem.

    Quick & Easy

    In about 25 minutes I was able to apply, massage and remove the IGL Leather Ecoshine to both of these seats and the results were impressive.


    I like to use light colored cloths when doing interior work so I can easily see just how much dirt and grime I've removed. While not the dirtiest seats I've ever cleaned, I know don't want to sit-on, or touch whatever his gunk was.


    There are hundreds of leather cleaning, conditioning and protecting products on the market today and this can make it confusing to know which product to choose and use. I test and review a lot of products and to date I have not used anything that I would not use on my own car including this IGL Leather Ecoshine.

    First - It smells nice. IGL states it uses plant-based emollients and natural conditioning agents that gently lift contaminants to the surface where they can be wiped-off. The fragrance is kind of fruity and that's always nice when it comes to using any detailing products especially products used inside a closed-cabin like your car.

    Second - It's quick and easy. I'm not known as Mike Phillips the Master of Interior Detailing, I'm kind of known as a paint polisher, so when it comes to interior detailing, I'm a big fan of anything that's quick and easy. Also, my experience is most other people are not disciplined to clean their car's interior and/or specifically their leather surfaces on a regular schedule. So anything that makes doing this type of maintenance fast and simply is a plus as far as I'm concerned and my guess as far as most people are concerned.

    Third - No greasy feel or look after application and wipe-off. The leather felt tactically clean and dry with no sticky feel or look to them.

    When it comes to picking a brand for any product, my normal answers go like this,

    A: Pick an established brand for the category of product you're looking for. Trust that the company did their research and has on staff a REAL chemist that knows their stuff and thus knows how to create a formula you can trust. This way they do the hard work for you and you don't have to try to play the role of a chemist as most of us have our own jobs and responsibilities in life that we stay busy enough. Detailing your car should be fun, at least as much as it can be, not deep-dive into research.

    B: If you already have a brand you like, for example with IGL perhaps you like their paint correction products, waxes and coatings, then you'll probably like their interior products tool Stick with a brand you know and already trust when it comes to picking out new products.

    The IGL Ecoshine Leather did a great job of cleaning and bringing back the beauty and clean-feel to these leather bucket seats. I would have no hesitation recommending this product as well as any of the high quality products in the IGL line.



    IGL Ecoshine Leather $39.99

    Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pads - 6 Pack $12.99

    Cobra Blue All Purpose Microfiber Towels - 6 Pack

    Mike Phillips
    Director of Training Autogeek & Marine 31
    IDA Board Member - Certified Detailer - Skills Validated Detailer - IDA Recognized Trainer
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    Re: Review: IGL Coatings LEATHER ECOSHINE

    Just to add......

    The real key to keeping a leather interior clean and looking great is the old sage advice,

    Find something you like and use it often

    If you like it? This means you probably like all the normal type things about the application and removal characteristics of the product plus the results. If you don't like these things, well then you're simply not going to use the product. So find something you like.

    How often?

    That depends on how the vehicle is used. A Garage Queen won't need maintenance as often as a Daily Driver.

    The driver seat sees the most wear-n-tear

    When it comes to taking care of your car's interior, if you like a LOT of the population, you're the key or primary occupant in your car each day. Sure moms and dads have kids that cause a lot of wear-n-tear to the interior of a car, but a lot of us drive our cars back and forth to work each day by OURSELVES. As such, the passenger seat and back seats don't see much wear-n-tear. It's the driver's seat that gets all the butt-time.

    So find a product you like often and once a month.... buzz over the driver's seat when emptying out your car from coffee cups and other common trash that tends to build-up as you move through life.

    At the bottom of my review I not only linked to the product but also to 6-packs of applicators and towels. If you have what you need on-hand to detail your car you're a LOT more likely to do it. So stock up and enjoy that leather interior in your favorite ride.

    Mike Phillips
    Director of Training Autogeek & Marine 31
    IDA Board Member - Certified Detailer - Skills Validated Detailer - IDA Recognized Trainer
    Mike Phillips Facebook Page
    Mike Phillips Detail Training Credentials
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