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    Review: Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm

    Review: Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm

    Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm

    I think I have another review for this product somewhere on the forum, this would have been when it was first introduced. Sine then I've had a chance to use it a few more times. Now with some experience with the product under my belt I took the time to take some pictures for the latest vehicle for which I used this product on the leather interior.

    My buddy Phil let Autogeek borrow his wicked bad 1932 Deuce Coupe for some b-roll video for products we're showcasing on My Classic Car with Dennis Gage. If you don't know the term b-roll, it's a term used to describe video footage taken of the something or someone that is separate from the main or primary video footage and then interlaced with the primary footage to further tell a story.

    We've been shooting b-roll since returning to Stuart, Florida from Las Vegas, Nevada and the big SEMA show. I'm happy to say, that after today we have completed all the b-roll video footage we needed to shoot. So now, after the video work, I have some pictures to share.

    As a thank you to Phil for letting us use his old 2-door Ford, because he's already polished the paint to perfection as well as all the polished aluminum, and because we showcased the PBL Leather Balm in b-roll for My Classic Car, I finished applying the product to all of the leather interior and took a few pictures.

    The interior on this 1932 Ford 5-window coupe is wicked bad. But like all things, regular maintenance not only maintains the interior but also makes it look just as good on the inside as the car looks good on the outside.

    Without further ado, here's my pictures.

    This is a really nice product. You should know however, there's no cleaners in it and thus it doesn't offer an ability to clean soiled leather. There is a cleaning action that comes from simply rubbing any liquid or in this case a balm over a surface with an applicator of some form, but that's light or topical cleaning, not deep cleaning. So keep this in mind. If your leather interior is dog dirty, then use a pre-cleaner first. This is a high caliber streetrod kept nice by a meticulous owner, so it wasn't dirty to start with.

    The product is thick like pudding. If you look at the doors you can see where I dabbed the balm on and then worked it in and over the surface. It's thick enough to not run off like a spray or lotion. I like that about this product. It makes application fast. Just dab it all over the area you want to treat and then work it. Afterwards use a clean microfiber towel to wipe off any excess and that's it.

    The PBL Leather Balm restores a rich appearance, at least to black and medium colored leather surfaces. If your car has light tan or any other light color like light grey for seats, door panels and consoles etc., then you probably won't see a dramatic visual change after application but you certainly see this with black and darker colors. In less words, it makes the leather look good. It also feels nice. After wipe-off, the seat has lightly slippery feel, not fall off the seat slippery but you can definitely tell the surface is now treated.

    If you have a car with a leather interior, could be something cool like this hotrod or could be your daily driver... you should be doing something to keep-up and maintain the leather. At least the high-wear areas like the driver's seat, arm rest and console. If you already have a product you like then go with it. If you're looking for something that's easy to use, looks great and gets the job done, the consider this product. Also get some applicators and clean towels for the application and final wipe-off of any excess product. One thing for sure, you wouldn't catch me putting anything on the leather on the inside of this car that I didn't trust.


    Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm

    6 Pack Pinnacle Foam Wax Applicators

    6 Pack Microfiber Applicator Pads - Simple applicator pad - works well

    Here's the one you see in the pictures. It costs more than the above applicator pads and works fairly well. I normally put my entire hand inside the pocket and then spread my thumb and 4 fingers all the way out to trap my hand inside the pocket. Takes a little technique to use. The above cheapies work just as good, sometimes better. But the SONAX applicator pads are nice, just take a tick more technique to use. I also use these to apply vinyl dressings to vinyl surfaces.

    SONAX Care Pad for Plastic

    Thanks Phil!

    Mike Phillips
    Director of Training Autogeek & Marine 31
    IDA Board Member - Certified Detailer - Skills Validated Detailer - IDA Recognized Trainer
    Mike Phillips Facebook Page
    Mike Phillips Detail Training Credentials
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    Re: Review: Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm

    Looking good! Thanks, can never have too many reviews for a good product.

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