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Initially I worked with real chrome-plated moldings, and later, anodized aluminum moldings replaced the chrome moldings due to the enviro concerns with the chrome plating process (as a side note, the plant where these were made was demolished in the early 2000's and the environmental cleanup bill exceeded $400M ... draining sludge ponds, removing contaminated soil, etc.).

I've been to a chrome shop before and given a tour where the process was explained and it was very eye-opening. And the amount of chemicals used for the chroming process was substantial.

I think this is why many chrome shops have closed. And my guess is we won't see any NEW chrome shops opening as the cost of running the shop in an environmentally manner plus the cost of complying with U.S. Government regulations and laws will be too cost-prohibitive.

On the flipside of this coin, I think there are other countries that don't have the stringent laws and regulations America uses to be eco-friendly to the world, that will fill the void and the pollution will simply go unchecked.