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    Cyclo..Which pads and polish?

    Now that I managed to adjust the rubber boots on the polishing heads of my Cyclo so they dont hit one another...I am ready to polish my car.

    I have some minor swirls on my car. On the trunk lid, quarter panels, and hood. I have the Cyclo pad kit from Autogeek/Pinnacle. For polish, I also have:

    Pinnacle Swirl Remover
    Advanced Swirl Remover
    Hi Temp Light, Medium, and Heavy Cut
    Menzerna Final Polish II
    Menzerna PO85RD
    Optimum Polish

    What pad/polish combination should I use? How should I start and progress through heavier polishes and pads to get rid of the swirls?


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    Re: Cyclo..Which pads and polish?

    Use the orange pads then work down to white for a high /clear polishing. then glaze with white or black pad and follow up with the new yellow pads for wax and sealents. basic instructions but you need to test the pads and polish and the effects it gives for your style look. autogeek does not have the new yellow pads but are on sale right now at classic motoring accessories. main rule of thumb is to use a pad to remove the scratches first then [polish to perfect shine and then lock it in. toughest scratches are for yellow compounding pads then orange which is my favorite then use white to polish to brightness and perfect reflection and then glaze as instructions and seal with the new yellow /softer then red or blue pads/ for sealent and wax, by hand then spray seal it in.

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