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    Pinnacle Black Label Glass Cleaner & Repellant

    I received a nice box of detailing products from AG to test out and write reviews on, butI have had to wait until my new (to me) house was finished being renovated to give these products a fair review. It has taken weeks longer than I expected for the contractors to finish (not yet), but I am able to review the PBL Glass Cleaner & Repellant now before it freezes.

    I have been using Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner ever since it wash released and it used to have a water repellant in it, but looking at the latest description it looks like AG has removed the water repellant feature from the Wolfgang product. PBL GC may be the replacement, not sure, and it probably doesn’t matter much anyhoo.

    Ok, what does it do? Easy, cleans glass and repels water. How well does it perform? Not so easy to test. I’m one of those nutty Geeks that tests many of their new products in the bathroom. In this case I tried it out on my glass shower doors. My first attempt did not turn out well. I liberally sprayed the doors with PBL GC and wiped down with a microfiber. I proceeded to splash water on the glass, I did not notice much of a difference, I was surprised. I grabbed the bottle and read the directions (yeah, supposed to do that first) and yep it says “Repeat on all glass surfaces.”

    After spraying and wiping a second time and giving it 15 minutes to set up (probably not necessary) now I got decent water repellency. So give your windshield TWO doses for best results.

    Speaking of windshields, I went outside to give it some real world cleaning testing. My windshield was moderately dirty with assorted dried bug splatters and other normal stuff. I sprayed the windshield and wiped. The PBL GC did a decent job removing the dirt and road film, but I had to go back over the bug guts a few times. My go to glass cleaner for cutting through anything is Nextzett Glass Cleaner. I did not expect PBL GC to out cut Nextzett as nothing I have tried will, but Nextzett does not leave any water repellant behind. In fact I used to first clean with Nextzett and follow up with Wolfgang Perfekt for its water repellant feature (and I never completely cleaned everything on the first pass anyway). Now I will be switching over to PBL GC to give me that water repellant feature.

    You might ask “Why don’t you coat your windshield and be done with it?” I’ve gone that route and even with a coating you STILL have to clean the windshield. The coating makes it easier, but bugs still stick/smear. PBL GC is kind of like using Reload (or its brethren) for your paint to keep your coating in top shape. PBL GC is the easy way to keep everything performing the way it should.

    Smell. I stuck my nose in the bottle and it really didn’t have much of a smell at all. No smell is my favorite smell.

    Tint safe. Yep, but I really don’t see much use on interior glass. It might make it easier to remove smokers film or outgassing, but I see this mainly being used outside.

    Cost. $21.99 for 16 oz. $1.37 per oz.

    Conclusion. Works as advertised, but not as strong as some glass cleaners. Rain repellant feature is a plus.

    Stay tuned for more reviews.

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    Re: Pinnacle Black Label Glass Cleaner & Repellant

    Forget the part about Wolfgang Perfekt Vision GC. I found my bottle and it says nothing about water repellant. Sorry for the misinformation. Bob

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    Re: Pinnacle Black Label Glass Cleaner & Repellant

    Nice review. I take it you will use this in addition to the Nextzett that you speak so highly of. I still plan on buying it based on your recommendation. Glass cleaning is still an area of weakness for me so any product that might help will be appreciated.
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    Re: Pinnacle Black Label Glass Cleaner & Repellant

    I got my bottle wolfgang recently it has says it contains water repellent

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