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    crystal mist cleaning power

    i use crystal mist as a drying aid usually with no problems. today i tried to use it as a quik detailer to take off some synergy and m07 glaze residue from the wax job i did this weekend and it was leaving streaks. i ended up using my turtle wax ice detailer and it was doing a better job cleaning. im guessing its just because the crystal mist doesnt have a lot of cleaning power and also the natural carnauba is going to behave differently then a synthetic polymer. not a big deal just wanted to know for future reference. i usually use the crystal mist on a freshly washed car and i never had an issue with streaking before what so ever? thats why i was suprised

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    Re: crystal mist cleaning power

    I think you might want to say touching up? I sometimes pull out of the shop only to be surprised how my perfect job is not really so perfect and then touch it up (remove residue) with a quick detailer. I have had streaking with non water based sealants and compounds,swirl removers etc. Just get your clean plush dry wax removing microfiber back out and rebuff those spots. Then go back with your detailer and a different microfiber and those spots that were to thick or missed the first buff off will be a piece of cake.I had this first with Collinite 845 because I put it on way thicker than I should have. I called it ghosting because it would be visible only from different angles in the sun.Pinnacle is my favorite detailer for special paint. It really seems to add depth to dark colors.

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    Re: crystal mist cleaning power

    IDK but the synergy wax is UNBELIEVABLE! Now I understand why it cost so much money. I've tried a lot of different waxes and sealants and synergy is by far the best. it legit looks like glass. it made the reflection 2x as clear, even people at my job noticed.

    Is this what a coating would look like if i put one on?

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