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Thank you! It's really cool that you replied because when I would tell people about the class and that people come from all over the world I always tell them that someone(you) came all the way from New Zealand. It's got to be the furthest anyone has traveled! I had the chance to go to Australia from Texas in 09 as a student ambassador and man what a flight! Or 3 for that matter. At the class I attended we had Jose from Argentina and Paulo from Brazil. (I hope I got that right).
Haha, that's cool I was inloved just a teeny bit in a non direct way Ryan, I would love to have helped you make the trip to Stuart for the class too but alas, I did not know of this. Maybe if I make it back that way I can stop in to your shop (coz Mike said you are keen to open one) & see how its going.

Its awesome how far this forum reaches & its great nomatter how far away people are, they make the effort to get there to attend a Mike Phillips class! Yeah, I'm not sure if I am the furtherest travelled but geeze, I tell you what - we left Florida on a Friday . . . Landed in New Zealand on Sunday! Saturday? I dunno where Saturday went.

Aaryn NZ.