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    Mike Phillips

    Pictures & Comments - 2018 New Jersey Roadshow Detailing Class

    Pictures & Comments - 2018 New Jersey Roadshow Detailing Class

    Amazing people, gracious hosts and incredible class!

    This class detailed 12 cars over the course of 2 days, 6 cars a day! Now that's HANDS ON! In fact, ask any of the below people how much time they spent in the classroom sitting in a chair and I'm confident they answer you...

    10, maybe 15 minutes max each day

    Everyone that attends any of our classes receives our Certificate of Participation. Including,

    3-Day Boot Camp Class here at Autogeek in Stuart, Florida - info
    2-Day Boat Detailing Class here at Autogeek in Stuart, Florida - info
    1-Day & 2-Day Roadshow Car Detailing Classes - info

    While there are some that don't believe in detailing classes or certificates, those that do value education, training, hands-on experience and the certificate that comes with it from someone that's been doing this his entire life now also appreciates this piece of paper. The ONLY way to get it is to attend one of our classes.

    There is no one in the industry with a webpage anywhere with their credentials listed to back up their signature on the certificate like I do. So to me and to the people that attend any of our classes, this piece of paper has value and is worthy of framing and sharing with customers or friends and family.

    Here's the graduating class for the 2018 Autogeek Roadshow Class!

    This is Rahul Dahiya the owner of Shield and Sheen Detail Shop in Windsor, New Jersey. Rahul and I have been coordinating holding our Roadshow class at his shop for about 8 months and it just goes to show that perseverance and tenacity pays off!

    Rahul is also a member of the IDA and holds both CD and SV Certifications.

    David Emmel

    Here's David, he let us use his beautriful 1957 Chevy (in the background), for one of our training cars. David came in from Weehawken, New Jersey. I met David at SEMA last year when he came by the Autogeek booth to ask about his car and our detailing classes. It was great to see David follow-through from our conversation and get signed-up for and take both days of the New Jersey Roadshow Class.

    Thank you David for your trust!

    John Lee

    John belongs to a local BMW club and brought the 2010 MBW M1 which we used as a training car for this class. This car turned out to be a POWERFUL demonstration of the term Road Film as you will see in the pictures to come. The before and after pictures also share why I don't believe in any ceramic coating that lasts over 1 year if the car it's applied to is a daily driver. The picture explains why for any doubters.

    RUPES Detailing Belt
    The RUPES Detailing Belt John is modeling was provided by RUPES as a part of our Sponsorship Program. John won this RUPES Detailing Belt and wears it like a true passionate pro detailer!

    Stephan Teller
    Stephan joined us from Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. Thank you Stephan for making the trip to Windsor, New Jersey to attend the Autogeek Roadshow Detailing Class!

    Joseph Valente
    Joseph joined us for both days from Burlington, New Jersey. Thank you Joseph for attending both days of the Autogeek Roadshow Detailing Class!

    Bob Feldman
    Bob attended the Friday class and cam from Brick, New Jersey to attend the class. Thank you Bob for coming to the short stroke and RUPES portion of the 2-day class!

    Matt Guesto
    It was a genuine pleasure working with you over the course of the two day class Matt, and THANK YOU for also taking some great pictures that I'll be sharing in this thread! I would also like to thank you for driving in from Schnecksville, Pennsylvania to attend this class!

    Tornador Air Blow Out Gun
    Matt was also the winner of the Tornador Air Blow Out gun provided to use from Dennis Dehn at Tornador as a part of our Sponsorship Program for all our detailing classes. Thank you Dennis and congratulations Matt!

    Ivo Burmeister
    Ivo came to use from Brooklyn, New York. Ivo also drove to the class and let us use his 1991 Jaguar XJS V12 for the portion of the class on how to correctly do one-step production detailing. What Ivo found out as well as everyone else is that when you're using GREAT abrasive technology you can get incredible results from just a single step. Thank you Ivo for your trust!

    Axel Bart
    Axel is a real cool cat. He's attended 9 of our 3-day classes here at Autogeek and now this 2-day roadshow class in New Jersey. I always appreciate his passion for the craft as he's a true perfectionist. Thank you Axel for your trust and your passion for the craft as well as your passion to share with others your knowledge and skills.

    RUPES BigFoot Knee Pads
    Dylan and team at RUPES was so kind as to provide some incredible raffle prizes for our detailing classes including RUPES BigFoot Knee Pads to protect your knees when detailing cars. Axel won a set of these very sturdy and well-made knee pads and not only will they protect Axel's knees they'll probably last a life time!

    Mark Bruner
    Mark attended the Friday class that covered multiple step or show car detailing using both short stroke polishers, the RUPES BigFoot long stroke polishers and paint polishing system as well as how to correctly do one-step or production detailing. Thank you Mark for your trust!

    Dave McLaughlin
    Dave came from Baldwinsville, New York to attend the Friday class. It was great having you Dave and thank you for your trust in the Autogeek name as well as mine to attend one of our hands-on detailing classes!

    Christy Fillweber
    Wow! What can I say but THANK YOU CHRISTY! You were such a blessing to have at this class. First you came in on Thursday along with Pete to help set-up all day! Then you took both days of the class and then on Sunday, helped us to clean-up and pack-up! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your extra hard work to help our class be successful! I hope to see you at a future 3-day class here in Stuart, Florida!

    Josh Costin
    I think we met at SEMA last year and then you joined us for a recent Wednesday night class here in Stuart, Florida at Autogeek's Show Car Garage.

    700 HP Hennessy Vette and Jeep Cherokee - Waxed and Coated

    Thank you Josh for your passion for detailing, I'm confident you'll do well and inspire others to catch the disease we all know as car detailing!

    Metro-Vac Sidekick
    David Stern is so kind as to support our effort to provide education to the car detailing industry that he's signed-up for or Sponsorship Program by providing 10 Metro-Vac Sidekicks for Autogeek's detailing classes in 2018! Thank you David and congratulations Josh! I'm sure you'll put the Sidekick to good use!

    Nick Alisio
    Nick cam in from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to attend both days of the Autogeek Roadshow Class. Nick as the class progressed from start to finish I always saw you smiling! I hope you had just as much fun as Andre and I at this 2-day class at Rahul's shop.

    RUPES Claw Pad Cleaner
    Nick also won a RUPES Claw Pad Cleaning Tool! Congratulations Nick!

    Lee Coles
    Lee joined us from Mullica Hill, New Jersey. Lee also brought and let us use his 2008 Mercedes-Benz E320 Sedan with the CERAMICLEAR paint system from the factory.

    As we all found out, the Ceramiclear paint system is NOT ROCK HARD like everyone is always saying in the forum and facebook world. In FACT we corrected the swirled-out paint using only a POLISHING PAD. Just wait for the pictures! And thank you Lee for trusting us with your beautiful car and also trusting in the Autogeek name as well as my name that you would get the REAL-DEAL and by this I mean a REAL hands-on detailing class.

    Joe Wear
    Joe joined us from New Egypt, New Jersey. Joe was a real go-getter in the class always ready to move onto the next tool or procedure. He also made sure all the cars were fully rinsed during the washing session. Thank you Joe!

    Alex Bieich
    Alex was one of the chemists that took part in this class. Alex works full time as a chemist for Exxon Mobile, which is one of the largest companies in the world! I always appreciate questions Alex and I hope you feel I did a good job in answering all your questions to the best of my ability.

    Jim Salvatore
    Jim was our other chemist in the group and it was great that you were able to get into this class Jim. I found your information about abrasive technology to be very interesting. I hope you enjoyed the class and our conversations. And thank you for the gifts! You didn't' have to do that....

    Ifong Cheng

    Ifong came to use from Felton, Delaware and I could tell he was incredibly interested in learning as much as he could over the course of both days of the class. I hope you had a great time Ifong and learned a lot, if there's anything I can do for you or anyone that attended this class you can always reach out to me via e-mail, this forum or my personal cell which I shared in the e-mails I sent everyone.

    Tom Reilly (and Kate)

    Tom is from Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. Tom it was a real pleasure having both you and your wife Kate in the class and I hope that from this class you found the information you need to move forward with detailing your cars on your own. And for any time where you want help, you now know a few people from the class that are knowledgeable, skilled and professional.

    Allen Harris

    Allen was great! I could tell he was very interested in learning the art of polishing paint via machine. Allen came to the class from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. I had a great time working with you Allen and remember to keep that cord over your shoulder when buffing on the sides of cars!

    RUPES Detailing Belt
    Allen is also the lucky winner of a RUPES Detailing Belt, which was provided by RUPES as a part of our Sponsorship Program. Enjoy the RUPES Detailing Belt every time you detail you car!

    Roman Materna

    Roman came from Secaucus, New Jersey and trusted us with his SURVIVOR 1992 Nissan 240sx Convertible. Thank you Roman for trusting us with your incredible rare survivor car. Not only did it give us a chance to learn the proper way to clean and protect a canvas convertible top but everyone also was able to learn how to machine polish the flexible plastic window to remove years of swirls, scratches and oxidation.

    Chris Lomax

    Chris came from Easton, Pennsylvania. It was interesting to talk to you Chris and find out what you do for a living. I'm sorry you had to leave early but it sounded like after attending the tool session of the Saturday class you were able to put the missing parts to your knowledge base and skill set that you needed to put it all together. If you have any further questions, please feel encouraged to give me a call.

    Tom Powers
    Tom came from Worcester, Massachusetts and his background as a heavy duty diesel mechanic is interesting. It was great talking to you Tom and I wish you success in your new venture detailing cars "profitably".

    Nick DeFabrizio
    It was a real pleasure having you in the class Nick, I hope you learned a lot plus had a lot of fun working on all the cool cars with all the cool tools.

    Louis Serrano

    Glad you could make the class Louis, it was a pleasure having you attend from Yonkers, New York. Hope you had as much fun as myself, Andrea and everyone else working on all the cool cars!

    Joe Dias
    Joe is from Somerville, New Jersey. It was really great to have you in the class Joe and thank you for also coming back on Sunday to take the IDA Skill Validation Tests. Anyone would be luck to have you work on their car!

    Please help me to congratulate the class of New Jersey 2018 Autogeek Roadshow Car Detailing Class!

    I would trust any of you with my own cars!

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Pictures & Comments - 2018 New Jersey Roadshow Detailing Class


    The Winner for the Grand Prize at the New Jersey Roadshow Class was Josh Lee!

    Here's his winning photo!

    And here's what he won!

    BLACKFIRE Paint Correction and PRO Ceramic Coating Griots Garage Polisher Kit


    Griots Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher (retail $149.99)
    Griots Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher

    Lake Country ThinPro Foam Pad System 6.5 Inch 6 Pack – 2 orange, 2 white 2 black (retail $59.99) -
    Lake Country ThinPro Foam Pad System 6.5 Inch

    BLACKFIRE Compound & Polish Duo (32 oz. BF Compound and 32oz. BF Polish) (retail $79.99)
    BLACKFIRE compound and finishing polish

    BLACKFIRE Paint Prep (retail $24.99)
    BLACKFIRE Paint Prep

    BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Kit (retail $69.99)
    BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Kit

    BLACKFIRE SiO2 Spray Sealant (retail $47.99)

    BLACKFIRE T-Shirt (retail $19.99)

    Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel 12 Pack (retail $49.99)

    BLACKFIRE Detailer's Bag (retail: $49.99)

    Retail Cost: $552.91

    Congratulations Josh!

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Pictures & Comments - 2018 New Jersey Roadshow Detailing Class


    Here at Autogeek we support the International Detailing Association and their goals. As such, for 2018 we hold our 2-day roadshow classes on Friday and Saturday and then offer IDA Skills Validation Testing on Sunday after the classes.

    At the New Jersey Roadshow Class we had 4 people sign-up for, take and pass the Skills Validation Tests!

    Gil Obregon - Tango Mike
    Facebook: Tango-Mike’s Professional Automotive Detailing

    Pete Tanzini - Pete's Detailing LLC
    Facebook: Pete Tanzini (Pete's Detailing)

    Luis Rivera - Gemini Detailing
    Facebook: Gemini Detailing Specialist

    Joseph Dias - The Art of Detailing LLC
    Facebook: Joe Dias

    Help me to congratulate these four guys as Skills Validated with the IDA!

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    Re: Pictures & Comments - 2018 New Jersey Roadshow Detailing Class

    Wow, good turn out!

    Looks like you all had a great time!

    Congrats to all who attended.

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    Re: Pictures & Comments - 2018 New Jersey Roadshow Detailing Class

    Looks like a good turn out, and a lot of happy faces!

    Awesome give aways, especially the Grand Prize one! Very cool and very generous.

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    Re: Pictures & Comments - 2018 New Jersey Roadshow Detailing Class

    Justin unbelievable experience again I had such a blast and congratulations to all the winners and the class i hope to do it again very soon thank you Mike ,Rahul, Andre, Autogeek.

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    Re: Pictures & Comments - 2018 New Jersey Roadshow Detailing Class

    Looks like fun, hopefully Ivo comments here. In his neck of the woods often
    Bill 1234
    2004 audi a6 quattro (traded).
    2015 Ford Escape 2.0l ecoboost 4WD

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    Re: Pictures & Comments - 2018 New Jersey Roadshow Detailing Class

    It was a great time. Mike really does a fantastic job teaching detailing.

    Attention to details is second to none.

    And his crew was awesome, along with the folks at Shield and Sheen

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    Re: Pictures & Comments - 2018 New Jersey Roadshow Detailing Class

    Great class, if you've ever wanted to learn from the best and have ever even considered taking the class you do it, you won't regret it.

    Learned a ton, wish I stayed for both days. As soon as I got home I went to work on my daily driver, clayed it, used the Blackfire one step compound and had no concerns over what to do. Result came out great. Thanks again. Really enjoyed it.

    BTW Mike wasn't kidding about time sitting in the chair. My feet were killing me the next day. A lot of time in the shop...working!

    But I'm sure Mike wrote an "article" about it. (take the class-you'll know what I mean).

    Thanks again to the entire crew.

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    Re: Pictures & Comments - 2018 New Jersey Roadshow Detailing Class

    The Roadshow Detailing Class was absolutely fantastic. I've been waiting for one of these to come to my area, and within 15 minutes of getting the email that it was happening, I signed up for both days without hesitation.

    I have been an enthusiast detailer for a number of years, and have learned what I know about the detailing craft through various YouTube videos (many featuring Mike Phillips) and through these very forums (also, through Mike). While my skills have gotten better over time, I've had a great deal of trepidation when it came to abrasive detailing or anything that involved picking up an orbital machine spinning faster than my eye can see. Among my group of friends I am the "resident detailer" - they trust me with their cars, and I knew that I would have to expand my skill set at some point to make all of our cars better than ever.

    Before the class even started, I received roughly a half dozen emails from Mike himself about a week in advance, informing the class of everything we would need to be ready the first morning. I was about 5 minutes early on day one, and could already tell this was going to be serious because I was pretty much the last person to arrive. The garage setup was incredible, with beautifully laid out products that looked like a detailer's shop dream (at least my dreams, anyway!)

    Mike promised us from the get-go that we would get an incredible amount of hands-on time using tools and chemicals on cars. With approximately 22 hours of class time across both days, I can honestly say - when Mike says you get to be hands-on, he means you will get HANDS-ON!!! I learned more in the 2 days of this class than I have in the last 2 years of scouring the internet. Tips, tricks, methodology, fundamental skills, advanced techniques - Mike shares ALL of it with the class. He is 100% genuine, accessible, and open to any question. If you've seen Mike in his videos on YouTube or on Competition Ready, I can say that the guy you see online and on TV is the SAME guy you'll meet in person. The other class participants are also real enthusiasts - everyone is highly motivated and incredibly careful with the cars that are volunteered for the class. I would absolutely trust everyone with the surface of my car if another class were to come to my area!

    Ultimately I came away from the class with a plethora of new skills that I can't wait to try out. Now I feel confident that I know how to detect and identify issues on the surface of a car, the proper way to safely and effectively handle serious tools, how to work on a variety of surfaces and materials, and how to appropriately communicate these skills to perspective clientele.

    I was fortunate that Mike selected my friend's 2010 BMW 128i (white with black vinyl graphics) for one of the final 12 cars to be detailed over the weekend. The reception from the owner and his family has been outstanding - the car has gone quite some time since its last wash (much less wax or sealant). The owners and class participants were equally shocked upon seeing the car literally changing color after removing that heavy layer of road film!

    Big thanks to Pete, Christy, Axel, and Andre for helping me with literally every question I came up with across both days. Working side by side with these folks is seriously fantastic! I hope anyone who takes these classes in the future has the chance to work with them.

    Huge thanks to Autogeek, I'm loving the RUPES detailing belt and the swag from the #AGroadshowNJ contest. These tools are being put to the test this coming weekend!

    Finally, special thanks to Rahul at Shield & Sheen for opening the doors to us so we could use (and hopefully not abuse!) his shop for the weekend. It's a great facility and he has a wealth of knowledge.

    Looking forward to attending my next class, hopefully a 3-day class next time!

    - John Lee
    05 E46 M3 / 09 E91 328xi / 2-day Autogeek Roadshow Detailing Class @ Shield & Sheen, June 2018 /

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