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    Re: HOW TO & Introduction Thread

    Hello from Hobe Sound just down the road from Autogeek's garage. I have attended a few Cars and Coffee sessions as well as a Thursday night workshop. It is becoming more apparent to me that I have a great deal to learn. Mike and Nick are great instructors, that coming from a former public high school teacher. As per Mike's request, my name is Ham (Hamilton). I like very much that the place where I buy my supplies has the most competent people to show me how to properly use them. That's what draws me to Autogeek.

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    Re: HOW TO & Introduction Thread

    Good evening my fellow auto geeks. I am a new member as of today

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    Re: HOW TO & Introduction Thread

    Hello from Ohio!
    I've been an on and off lurker on the site for several years but never got too deep into detailing in the past due to the unfortunate fact that my cars have been basically economic used daily drivers parked outside 24/7 and although I am pretty OCD about the mechanical side maintenance of them, I just really never had that great of results by "detailing" them the old school way.
    What I mean by the "old school way" is the grab some cold beers, a random bucket, some rags and dish soap, then dry it with some old towels and smear some "whatever" wax type substance or TV space-age polymer elixir stuff I found in and old cabinet in the garage and stand back and enjoy the "shine", for about five days if I was lucky until it looked just like it did before I worked on it, lol.
    A good example of "I wish I knew than what I know now" is a nicer white Dodge intrepid I had years ago when I had a two hour highway commute everyday, I was determined to try and keep it looking as good as I could but even after my best old school detailing efforts - I think I even used the "clean" old rags and towels on it, sure it was cleaner and a bit shinier but had this strange brownish haze to it when the sunlight hit it and I could never figure out what the problem was.
    Road grime, brake dust and oxidation in the clear coat? never heard of it, Clay bars for paint? never heard of them, rotary polishers? Oh yeah I knew what those were, those were a waste of $30 worth of beer money for an electric motor thingy with handles on either side and a big overgrown wool "Chewbacca" pad on it when I could just do it by hand.
    So there it is and now you know, I'm finally "out of the old school detailing closet" and I feel like a better man for it already.

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    Re: HOW TO & Introduction Thread

    Hey AutoGeeks,

    I've been reading for a while, getting some of the basics down.
    I bought a new boat last summer (FourWinns 24' bowrider) and want to take good care of the gelcoat to keep it looking brand new and sparkle more than the rest of the boats in my marina.
    I didn't see much activity on the Marine 31 site, so I figure I'll be posting questions and stuff here instead.
    Just ordered a Flex 3401 from AG, looking forward to stocking up with some marine products, pads and knowledge for spring commission sometime in April!


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    Re: HOW TO & Introduction Thread

    Hello everyone, I am Claire and I am a car enthusiast. I am looking forward to having great interaction with you guys!

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    Re: HOW TO & Introduction Thread

    Welcome all! you will learn a lot here as well as meet a lot of people and get to chime in on your experience with certain products and techniques itís a great forum and i visit daily even though I currently donít have a vehicle to detail itís always good to learn from others expirences!

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    Re: HOW TO & Introduction Thread

    Hello good folks at AutoGeek!

    Who am I?

    I am from the Houston area and I have been into the car detailing hobby since I was 16 and owned a 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis.

    Today my wife and I own two middle aged Chevys. An Z71 Suburban that I work on myself and an Equinox that we are going to end up trading for a Cayenne at some point soon.

    My nice car is a Mercedes S550 with the AMG sport package and wheels.

    I own a government technology company, chemical company and I do some consulting so detailing is just a hobby for me to blow off steam and listen to audiobooks while making something look nice.

    I now own an Adam's CORDLESS Swirl Killer and the Swirl Killer Mini and I really enjoy applying wax with them as my finishes are already pretty clean, however, I'm looking to learn more and get into more advanced stuff.

    Also just got a cheap foam cannon... Super cool. I love it. The cars are waxed enough where it enables an easy touch free wash.

    I still need a blow dryer like a true addict.

    Anyway... It is GREAT to be here.

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    Re: HOW TO & Introduction Thread

    Welcome to AutogeekOnline!

    Mike Phillips
    Director of Training Autogeek & Marine 31
    IDA Board Member - Certified Detailer - Skills Validated Detailer - IDA Recognized Trainer
    Mike Phillips Facebook Page
    Mike Phillips Detail Training Credentials
    Sign-up for Mike's Tips & Techniques Newsletter

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