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    Please Read -- All Forum Vistors Take Note

    As most of you have realized, this forum has grown leaps over almost every other car care forum in the past year. Unfortunately it has not come without some growing pains. During this time we have had to repost the Terms and Conditions on several occasions and warn individuals to behave appropriately. Here is my take on several issues, and thus complaints I am hearing consistently on the forum.

    There should, in my opinion, be absolutely no linking allowed on site. First you are breaching someone else's post or someone elses property (ie. pics, video). We have allowed many, but are consistently attacked when deleted. You should NEVER link to a competitors product , plain and simple, if we sell a bolt/nut combo and theres has it also, then best to leave it alone. When in doubt ask ....

    Our avatars are designed to be of a maximum size. Most have used it to add a personal picture or alter-ego or such. Great ! Please dont also then add a signature thats huge below also, consider the users with dial-up and slower speeds being sucked to a snails pace while your jumbo pic loads several times in one post. We dont need 10 inch puppies, transformers, strippers, and your company logo's. We understand some are professionals, but act accordingly on a forum for a specific vendor and make a small, nice placement.

    Obviously in detailing, pics are needed. That said, they need to be of the appropriate size (think postcard) and we dont need 10-12 pictures in one post (well unless you are doing a how-to step by step). One, two, maybe three pics of your newest product, per user, will do fine and keep the post size correct for all users and visitors. Professional detailers, if you have done twelve cars this week, then consider a post with the top five or six and post in one post.

    Meghan and Jason should be given great props for stoping the bulk of this from getting started on the forum. For several months we were banning like 10+ people per afternoon. That said, some of you have recently taken on some "other" lines outside Autogeek and seem to be quite pushy in helping them move product. We understand your anamour with the "next greatest thing" but be reasonable. Let me give you a suggestion, if you are comped in any way by that outside company, then refrain from even discussing them here even if we sell the line. When in doubt, leave it alone. Remember this site was designed for AG users of AG products. It really is that simple !

    Guys/Gals we are all hobbist or professionals that truly enjoy the art of detailing automobiles. Stop the attacking of others for their product choice, and multiple posts on a specific product. Momma says, "if you have nothing nice to say, then dont say it". I say if you want to keep us informed, then say it once as politely as possible and move on unless challenged to answer for your comment. Then due so reasonably and without warrant or attack. Same goes for the challenger, dont keep on, if your question was answered then move on as we will never all agree on the same product, technique, or choice.

    Finally .... get back to having fun and showing off your works of art. Keep it light, and geared towards Autogeek. Dont be afraid to speak your mind, but never harass another member. When in doubt, make the better choice and refrain !!

    **views not necessarily endorsed by Autogeek, but by Moderators on site **
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    Guys/Gals ... on the picture issue, please use best judgement. A car has only so many sides. Yes we can see where one or two additional shots to show different environments are nice, but can be overkill to others on the board with slower connections.

    So maybe you go to 5-6 shots versus the normal two or three, or add to the post at a later time. But there is no need for some we have seen lately with 10-20 pics and most are the same pic from a slightly different angle. Again heed caution and bring brotherly/sisterly love to all on site so we can truly enjoy the work you have done or learned.


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    Bump - For our new members.

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