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You don't know how good you guys in the US have it over smaller countries like Australia on the other side of world. Anything imported here is so much more expensive than in other parts of the world. Some of that is from our tax system, some of it is the distance covered to get product into the country, a lot of it is pure markup.

By and large, nothing is made in Australia anymore, so it's hard to be a patriotic buyer or purchase something that hasn't been made in China. That's across the board, not just detailing. I'm typing this on a computer made in China, my phone is made in China, my Mustang (US made) and Falcons (Aust made) are full of Chinese made parts, my Honda GXV mower engine was made in China, my sisters Volvo was made in China, as are all Australia bound Tesla's.....................................so its sort of unavoidable.

For every major purchase I make, its balanced against the price and how much I use the product in question. For my pressure washer, something that gets a lot of use, I run a German made machine that I know I can service and have it last a long time. For something like a polisher, I only use these 2 or 3 times a year. I nearly bought Flex, but at the time, their products were so overpriced that I just couldn't justify it. I wanted the Flex, but it just didn't make sense. I do note those prices have softened now, I suspect to bring them back to the ShineMate machines that came in and cut their lunch.

I do hate it by the way. I guess we all have that limit as to how much we tolerate the China-syndrome.
Yeah I get it. It cost me $25 to have those parts shipped and another order of chemicals were $30. Feel thatís very reasonable for product I can get here. And even though ShineMate made in China it still has to be imported here from a distributor.

I think it may be because the batteries and importing them the Cordless shinemate is priced so close to FLEX cordless.

The corded versions are significantly less and if I need another corded polisher it will definitely be Shinemate. Donít know if itís true but rumor was they make Adamís polishers and my 3Ē corded has worked perfectly although a tad loud.

If not going gear driven I doubt you are missing much if any from the Shinemate you have to a comparable FLEX.

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