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    Re: Ed's Shop Build Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Markymapo View Post
    Spot on! Very nice. Itís amazing what you can do with wood
    Thanks and 100% agree. Plus the price is hard to beat too.

    Quote Originally Posted by ducksfan View Post
    If you get tired of that OSB surface. Get some MDO plywood to cover it. You can seal it up and it would take getting wet pretty well ( They use it to paint exterior signs on.)

    If you ever do that, consider extending the edge about 3-4 inches beyond your 2x4 supports. It's really handy to have an edge that you can clamp stuff to sometimes.
    That's a good idea. If I get tired of the flashing I'll probably give it a try.

    This week was a weird one. One of my jobs for a repeat customer ended up being a much much older vehicle than I was anticipating. The owner was planning on bringing me his work truck to do, but ended up bringing me this old gal instead.

    The paint wasn't original but it was fairly faded and scratched. It was also a single stage paint which I hadn't anticipated. I haven't had the opportunity to work on single stage paint much but I remembered stumbling across Mike's #7 rub down post a month or two ago. The stars must have been aligned for me because I actually had a bottle of Meguairs #7 glaze laying around. Here's a 50/50 shot of the hood.

    And the brand new Ingersoll Rand regulator failed. The Amazon reviews for it weren't the best due to most reviewers claiming it failed within a year, but the price was right. I bought it with plans to upgrade within a year, I just didn't expect it to be within a month.The regulator was still outputting the proper pressure but when a large amount of air passed through it (2 tornador blacks) it would hum an awful HHHHHRRRR sound. It was obnoxious and needed to go. I tossed it in the dumpster before realizing I probably should have returned it instead lol.

    Replacement is a Norgen B74G-4AK-AD1-RMG.


    And one of my Prevost couplers seems to be defective from the factory as the quick release button is weeping air. Kinda bummed as I really like them but I'm gonna look the other way and hope it's just a fluke.

    Yesterdays job was a pretty gross one. It was a ~2017 Ford Edge that had been a family car for a few young children. Need I say more?

    The back seat was the epicentre of the mess with an abundance of ice cream stains and more in it. Ended up pre treating with Folex and running the extractor (Mytee HP60) over it afterwards. Took a few extra passes for a few stubborn stains but the end results were respectable.

    And my Dad got me a good deal on a rental for a metal breaker for the weekend.

    I used it today to bend up some of the flashing I bought last week for a cheap waterproof workbench top. I didn't take many progress pictures because I was eager to get out since it was suppose to be my day off. Here's a halfway shot.


    I used the 3 spare 2x4s from the bench to make a backsplash. All cracks were sealed with white silicone. It's not an optical illusion that one of the my outlets is closer to the bench than the other. And no it's not because my bench is that warped (it's only varies by 1/4 in height). The outlets appear to be at different heights in the wall. The one closest to the compressor is literally touching the top of the backsplash. Thank god my carefully crafted workbench calculations pre planned for that. No way it was pure luck that my workbench was just the right height

    And lastly, I made a small change in my arsenal by switching out to "real" detailing brushes for interiors. I used to use 1" paint brushes since they're stupid cheap and they did the job, but I decided to take a gamble and see if I liked the classic brush AutoGeek sells.

    At first I was apprehensive, but after using it I regret not buying one sooner. The larger size lets me work a little quicker, and I feel safer using it as I don't have to worry about any metal on the brush potentially scratching tight areas like vents. I ended up ordering 2 more lol.

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    Re: Ed's Shop Build Thread

    Nice update

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    Re: Ed's Shop Build Thread

    Great thread. I've enjoyed reading though the whole thread tonight. I'm always impressed when someone gets the idea to start or expand their business and follows through in a systematic way. The best part is that the whole project has been hands on and the bonus is that it's so close to home. Best of luck in your endeavor, I look forward to reading more future updates.
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    Re: Ed's Shop Build Thread

    thats a helluva nice setup ya have there!
    id like to offer a couple suggestion on yer compressor.
    bolt it to the floor through the dampeners. personally i used 1/2" thick rubber( from the advise of a 40 year auto painter who has had a few different compressors over the years. his compressors are used a LOT).
    you might want to think about better air/water filtration for it. that IR seperator/filter isnt that good and will eventually spit out goobers when ya least expect it

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    Re: Ed's Shop Build Thread

    This is a cool thread. Thanks for bringing us on the journey
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