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    Senior Member Aaryn NZ's Avatar
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    Locked up & Locked Down!!!

    Hello my Forum Family.

    I sincerely hope everyone is healthy, safe & well.

    Itís 9am on Friday March the 27th & itís Day Two of Lockdown here in New Zealand. My family are all well & weíre in relatively good spirits.

    At this stage New Zealand is in a minimum Four Week Lockdown, & I guess itís the same the World over with only Essential Businesses being allowed to be open. What that means for our little shop, weíll only time will tell. We sure hope to be able to get through with the Help Package from the NZ Government. We get a subsidy- $585.80 per week & although not massive, it may just get us through. Ange & I struck up a deal with our shop Landlord too that sees us having to pay only 50% of our lease payments throughout the Lockdown & repay the arrears once we start trading again.

    So howís the Lockdown going after Day Two??? Locally, it seems not that many people are willing to participate. Personally I havenít been outside of our property, Ange is on the Essential Business list but is all set up at home now & apart from supply runs, we shouldnít need to head out. Lots of people out & about & people venting their frustration about this on Social Media outlets yesterday too. Another concern locally is - Vinyards!!! We are slap bang in the middle of NZ Wine Region & bizarrely enough, theyíre considered Essential Business! Being that Vintage has just kicked off, itís all go here, which it turn means there are thousands of people working 24/7 to make wine ....

    Iím all for the Lockdown, I think itís the only way to slow this nasty virus down but it sure as heck isnít going to work if weíre not ALL participating & the longer weíre in Lockdown & the more chance our wee shop will be no longer.

    Hereís some pictures of our bigger Cities - Christchurch, the South Islands biggest City -

    Theyíre making a fantastic effort down there!!

    This is the traffic cams in Wellington, our Capital City just over the Cook Straight from Us in the North Island -

    Again, an outstanding effort but Sadly as Ange shot down to her work yesterday to bring her computer etc home to set up an office here, she snapped this picture ... more cars/people out & about in our little town than in all the other pictures in the Cities!!!

    Anyhow - that my friends is whatís happening down here. COVID-19 Cases in NZ are around 262 Confirmed cases, no deaths as yet. Scary part is less than two weeks ago we only had 5 ...

    Please ALL of you - take care, be smart & look after one another.

    Aaryn NZ.

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    Senior Member PaulMys's Avatar
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    Re: Locked up & Locked Down!!!

    Glad you guys are safe and well, Aaryn.

    NY is out of control (as expected). 37,000+ cases (20,000 in NYC).

    I am going out of my mind not working, but staying positive.

    Cheers, brother!
    It is no coincidence that man's best friend cannot talk.

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    Re: Locked up & Locked Down!!!

    I wish our cities looked like that

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    Senior Member FUNX650's Avatar
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    Re: Locked up & Locked Down!!!

    Glad you guys are doing OK
    down there.

    RE: Your highways and byways...
    ēThe pictures in your posting remind me
    of scenes from some of the post-apocalyptic
    films and/or Twilight Zone episodes I used
    to watch with much curiosity:

    ĒItís deja vu all over againĒ. ~Yogi Berra

    "Be wary of the man who urges an action in which he himself incurs no risk."
    ~Joaquin de Setanti

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    Senior Member Bill D's Avatar
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    Re: Locked up & Locked Down!!!

    The Twilight Zone rocks!!
    Treat it like it's the only one in the world.

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    Senior Member Sizzle Chest's Avatar
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    Re: Locked up & Locked Down!!!

    Glad you are all well Aaryn. Continue to be careful and please stay healthy and safe!
    Scott Harle

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    Senior Member Coatingsarecrack's Avatar
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    Dec 2018
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    Re: Locked up & Locked Down!!!

    Crazy how this is affecting the whole world. Enjoy your down time hopefully no longer than a month.

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