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Thread: Toyota Supra

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    Toyota Supra

    What are your thoughts about this car? Did it exceed your expectation?

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    Re: Toyota Supra

    I don't care that I don't understand the automotive landscape as far as how cars are built, this is NOT a Supra! Due to its VERY HIGH BMW content it can't be one and they shouldn't have pulled the historic name plate out of retirement and put it on THIS car, call it something else but NOT Supra!!

    Sure, Supra's have had an inline 6 traditionally but its NOT a Toyota but you know what you DO HAVE though, an awesome V6 that IS a Toyota and powers the Lotus Evora and makes up to 430 hp, not a measly 335 hp because BMW will not let it make the 381 hp it makes in the new Z5, concessions made for whatever reason. Then there's the size of the car and I always like a smaller car in these cases but it's basically the same size as the 86, looks like one a little bit too as far as the silhouette goes too. Why couldn't they have made the car closer to the size of the 370Z? IMO it's all about proportions, car might look better if it were a bit bigger, these we kinda of a GT car in the MK IV versions.

    The hardcore Toyota fan isn't going to accept this if I had to guess, there's my .03 cents worthToyota Supra

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    Re: Toyota Supra

    That pretty much sums it up.
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    Re: Toyota Supra

    Should have been a Celica not a Supra. Automakers are killing the classic names by bringing them back and putting them on cars that dont deserve the name. Hopefully the new Bronco lives up to the name, but I dont see it happening.

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    Re: Toyota Supra

    Should have never been made with BMW parts. If I want a BMW I will buy a BMW. I like BMWs, I’ve got two, but you buy a Toyota for their bulletproof engineering. BMWs need maintenance to keep running. Don’t buy a new Supra and expect it to be a normal Toyota. It’s kind of a bummer.

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    Toyota Supra

    Who made the engine in the previous Supra?
    From what I’ve seen this new Supra is grossly overpriced and the features are slim.

    $51k base price gets you:

    6.5” display screen with Bluetooth and USB

    Fake suede power seats with memory

    Forward collision warning and automated emergency braking

    Automatic highbeams [Cadillacs had this in the 1950’s lol]

    Dual zone climate control

    Adaptive dampers

    Rain sensing wipers

    Keyless entry and remote start [do they still make cars without keyless entry?]

    JBL audio & navigation extra $2,460 dollars!

    Blind spot monitoring extra $1,195 dollars.

    The package you get for 5k more continues the insult.

    8.8” touchscreen.

    12 speaker JBL audio system

    Heads up display

    Heated leather seats [the leather seats in my 02’ Cadillac are not only heated but massaging as well. Lol]

    Who would pay that much for such a bare bones car?Toyota Supra

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    Re: Toyota Supra

    When I heard years ago about a relaunch I had dreams of them putting in a v8 from their lexus’ line. Offer up a TRD with a turbo. I was so excited and was waiting for the day as much as anyone else I loved the old ones. My hopes and dreams were dashed by this garbage piece of trash their putting out... Toyota totally missed the mark.Toyota Supra

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    Re: Toyota Supra

    I guess I'm the exception, because I love it.

    What's important to me is styling, driving dynamics, and comfort. Toyota could have easily slapped the Supra badge on a re-skinned Lexus RC (porker) and let the marketing folks go crazy. Instead, they partnered with a company that's mastered driving dynamics.

    The new Supra has the following:

    1. Unique styling that catches your eye (whether you like it or not)
    2. RWD (rear wheel drive)
    3. Turbo inline 6 (one that's grossly under rated, mind you).

    I'll bet a gallon of Hydro Blue that the new Supra runs the 1/4 mile in the mid to high 12's. That's FAST.

    The only downside to me is the lack of a manual transmission, and the fact that BMW's tend to be expensive to maintain (relatively speaking).

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    Re: Toyota Supra

    I can attest to BMW's turbo inline 6...12 years and 110K miles and stil has the "seat suck in" factor!

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    Re: Toyota Supra

    The car looks great and I am pretty sure it will be a performer.
    In the mid to late 90's the Supra was a lot less money then a Corvette and a heckuva lot more performance,,the Vette has come a long way since then but it still has a hefty price tag so I think the Supra still has a place in that niche.

    I read a review about the joint venture between the 2 companies on,,pretty interesting
    “I have trouble with names and faces, but I never forget a car.”

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