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    Re: Cal-Tex protective coating

    Quote Originally Posted by steelman1 View Post
    Just purchased a new 2018 red Chevy Silverado that had this protective coating applied to the paint. Also the interior was treated with another product from Cal-Tex. The cost was $899.00. I refused to pay anything for this treatment. It claims that if paint ever loses its gloss in three years they will pay to have it repaired or if interior gets stained from spills they will take care of that also. I washed the truck myself, don't trust anyone from a dealership to wash my vehicle. I noticed while washing that water did not bead at all and the paint surface was not slick.
    My question would be has anyone had experience with this company or their products and should I try to remove product from paint?
    It appears that every vehicle at this dealership had Cal-Tex protection applied. 500 vehicles at $899.00 a pop.
    I question whether anything was applied to the paint or is this just a way to make more money from those who don't know any better?
    Replace Chevy Silverado above with mustang, and it matches my experience exactly. I refused to pay for an add on I didn’t want. Today when I did first rinse since purchase, it seemed like there was some water repelling, but not a lot. After wash, the $899 coating seems to have disappeared. Water streaked like bare paint. No beading at all.

    When purchasing a vehicle, resist resistall.

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    Re: Cal-Tex protective coating

    If they insist on you paying for their “treatment” just ask nicely for them to remove it. This kind of foolishness has been around since the 60’s. Simoniz used to be the brand name of many dealers treatments. Just another way to get you to part ways with your money. They will try to get you by saying when you add it to your monthly payment is “only pennies” and “why wouldn’t you want to protect your vehicle” to shame you into it. Games. I hate dealerships. You should be able to buy a car from Amazon just like a washing machine.

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    Re: Cal-Tex protective coating

    Hey that's not a bad idea! Too bad it probably wouldn't work. At least you wouldn't have to put up with the bull crap that some dealers try to play. I hate the car buying experience with a passion and try to do all my dealing online but sometimes it's necessary to visit the dealer

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