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Thread: Hard decision made tonight.

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    Dec 2015

    Re: Hard decision made tonight.

    So sorry, Paul. Dogs are family and it's never easy.
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    Re: Hard decision made tonight.

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    Re: Hard decision made tonight.

    Sorry to hear about this. As a dog owner my entire life it never gets harder than losing a member of family this way. Prayers for you and your family!
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    Re: Hard decision made tonight.

    My heart goes out to you and your family Paul... I too like many others immediately felt my heart sink and tears fill my eyes... I lost my best bud of 12 years this past november and... It has been very hard... Koa was very fortunate to have been with your family to give her endless love, praise, and a beautiful life. Furry friends/kids are the best and forever our guardian angels.
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    Re: Hard decision made tonight.

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulMys View Post
    Hey guys.

    Those of you that know me a bit may realize I have 4 dogs. (Yup, gotta be a little nuts to do that).

    Well, my oldest dog, Koa has been a real trooper over her 15 year life. She has been the "momma" dog to all the others over the years, and was always the one to "teach" the others the way to act.

    Anyway, over the past two weeks, she has lost a bit of appetite, had a few accidents inside, and just today kind of lost her back leg strength.

    This dog has been through cruciate surgery when younger (because she would try to run up a tree in our back yard), and has survived having an adrenal gland tumor disorder for a year and a half now (with medication).

    But that aside, My wife & I have made that awful decision. This will be her last night with us.
    My wife has been employed at our local veterinary hospital for the last 18 years, so this whole process will be that much easier in that respect.

    Sorry to ramble, but I know the decision is the right one.

    Worst part right now is dealing with the wife. Although she deals with euthanasia on a daily basis at the vet, this being our own is a completely different deal.

    Thanks for listening to me ramble................
    Cushing syndrome?

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    Rochester Hills, Mi

    Re: Hard decision made tonight.

    Condolences, Paul.

    I was a wreck when my neighbor put his pug down in the fall. Our deal was that he'd cut my lawn, and I'd wash and wax his cars.

    I did a lot of testing on his cars too. That little dog hung out with me all the time in that driveway. From 2009 till 2016 Winston was a great friend to everyone in the neighborhood. He was a great, great friend to me too. Many laughs were had over the years.

    In two weeks, Brad will be putting that house up for sale, and is moving across the county - ironically closer to where my GF lives. Seems that everything is temporary..

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    Re: Hard decision made tonight.

    No. Just had to ask the wife about that.

    Koa was brought down by 1) old age, and 2) the adrenal tumor that had us put her on phenoxybenzamine HCI
    and a few other meds. It was a horrible experience.
    It is no coincidence that man's best friend cannot talk.

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