None of those Optimum products are actually "new", they announced the V.5 Hyper Compound last August, and the other two were introduced at SEMA. Not sure why Levi had that bottle from the Opti-Coat maintenance line on the table, maybe he reiterated that they carry that at TRC, I skimmed through.

The new waterless wash and tire cleaners are "Amazon" products, and they were not supposed to replace Opti-Clean and OPC, it was said that the Amazon market was demanding RTU products rather than ones where you had to figure out dilutions and that "real" detailers were expected to still use the dilutable products. I did notice that the waterless wash has the same patented (patent expired in 2021) UV protection that is in OCW and ONRWW; they didn't make a big deal about that when they intro'd these products at SEMA, unless I just didn't pay close enough attention.