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    Blackfire trim wax remover

    Meghan set me some of this and I had the perfect use for it. I had sealant on all my plasrtic on my scooter that was dirty and starting to look old. I used the wax remover on the trans cover with great results...I like this stuff, will follow with Poorboys natural look later:
    18 Honda HR-V
    18 Yamaha XMAX

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    Re: Blackfire trim wax remover

    I don't know what's in it, but most product I use for this kind of work don't work.

    I had good luck with removing dried-up compound or wax residue at my last class...

    Spray on a little BLACKFIRE Wax Remover

    Scrub scrub scrub...

    Wipe wipe wipe...

    BOOM! Looks brand new!

    Review: BLACKFIRE Wax Remover

    Thanks for sharing Glen

    Mike Phillips
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    Re: Blackfire trim wax remover

    I used my new bottle of Blackfire Wax Remover this morning on my wife’s X3, worked like a champ!

    Worked as advertised, spray on, wait about 30-45 seconds, scrub, wipe off!

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    Re: Blackfire trim wax remover

    I also bought a bottle when it was on promo, works as advertised!

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    Re: Blackfire trim wax remover

    Yeah make sure to use a stiffer detail brush and scrub. Tried with a normal boars hair detail brush and no bueno. Ordered some mother mini detail brushes and worked well. Rocommended

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