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    2006 Harley Davidson Street Glide Cosmetic Restoration & Detail. ABS Plastic parts.

    Hey Y'all Straight out of the Gate I want to Thank Mike Phillips & Robert Diterlizzi from Impressions fine detailing for their help on this one . I am very fortunate to live here in Stuart ,Florida,& have access to these guys.

    So here is the subject not sure if this link is gunna work.Rob Harley Detailer

    So I take in theis 2006 Street glide just looking at it I know its a mess but its sticky. So sticky that when I went to wash it .it ripped the microfiber wash mitt out of my hand & stuck to the bat wing!

    Then is looks like soap dried on it . by now I am stressed .

    I throw everything I can think of at it Mineral spirits , Isopropyl alcohol, Denatured Alcohol, Cleaner waxes, compounds ,Goo B gone.Just short of getting out the Super Duty Compound & a Rotary.

    So then I put in A call to Rob & Mike . Next day I go to Robs shop & we spend Hours bouncing product after Product on this We find that RUPES M 501 Degrease straight up with a lot of elbow grease takes off the sticky goo.

    We also come to the conclusion the Batwing ,Side Covers & Hard Saddlebags are ABS Plastic if we tried to polish it at all it would haze up .NO PAINT ,JUST PLASTIC.

    Exhausting everything in Robert's shop I am about to eat my gun I go to AutoGeek & meet with Mike Phillips He breaks out Pinnacle Paint Works Cleansing Lotion & instantly its looking good! then went over it with H D SPEED (which smells like grape bubble gun BTW) ANd just like that I put the safety back on my side arm & Holstered it.(KIDDING)

    Then I asked mike later how long this will last? 2-3 months was the reply.

    So I took the chance & top coated it with Meguiars ultimate paste wax to give it a longer life. All of these chemicals played very well together . You could go as far as Ultimate Quick wax & Quick Detailer too.

    Later in speaking with a Harley Tech I learned these Bikes had these problems even if they are painted.

    In the 55+ hours I spent on the bike I met a guy who used to own a high end body shop. He told me that Rolls Royce experimented with this also , He went on to say he spent days on this rolls trunk lid ,got it to look perfect 3 days later it turned back.

    So I hope in the Future someone will find this article & it save them a few tons of grief.

    Slowride66 AKA Rob Harley Detailer

    PS I can't seem to upload any photo's to this site. SO, ........
    Discriminating Detailing or Nothing at all!

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    Re: 2006 Harley Davidson Street Glide Cosmetic Restoration & Detail. ABS Plastic parts.

    Thanks for shareing your findings! And what PIA before you got it sorted out with the help from some awesome guys. Now you know what is needed when you get this kind of work again.

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