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    Motorcycle Care?

    I'm concerned about getting a motorcycle partially because i live in an apartment building meaning no parking inside a personal garage. So i was wondering how do you go about storing your motorcycle on the street. What happens if you leave it in the rain/snow? How easy is it to steal. I mean if regular bikes are easy to steel motor bikes shouldn't be that much harder if i wanted to steal one I'd just drive a pick up truck right up to it and load it in with some friends. I was thinking about getting a really crappy cheap old van like those huge empty white vans with 2 seats and a lot of cargo room and keeping it inside there. Any suggestions ? Comments? all would be appreciated. - thanks

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    Re: Motorcycle Care?

    I am surprised no one has responded to this post.

    Well if you are seeing this, here is my thought for your future winter issues.

    I have a 2014 Honda CTX700N, I used to live in a apartment building and there was a few things I looked at when winter came.

    1. Most Motorcycle Dealerships (at least in New England) allow you to store your bike with them (for a charge of course).
    2. If you have a friend that has a garage or patio to store your bike in.
    3. If you have a wheel lock (durable one) that you can place on your wheel of your bike. Then take of course do your winter prep (take battery out, stabilizer, etc..).
    4. If you live in a bad area that you are concerned about your bike being stolen, and all other options above are not suitable for you. Call a self storage company near you and lease a small storage unit (outside unit, many storage facilities do not allow bikes inside). You stated about buying a old white van of some sort and storing in there, However if you park it in the area that you feel is unsafe, all some one has to do is break into the van, steal the van with the bike in it. At least with a storage unit, many of them have cameras and are harder to break into

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