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    DA new paint job

    Have about 2 month old paint job on my bike and wanting to finally put some wax on it. House of Kolors black paint
    Ordered Killerwaxx paste wax after reading good reviews.
    Question is, am I better off hand waxing or maybe pull trigger on 7424XP with 3.5 BP, maybe the GG3.
    If I did get a DA which pads for new paint, have read so many threads about swirl, cutting, finishing pads etc. The paint looks great just want it to stay that way.
    DA new paint job-bikerear2.jpg

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    Re: DA new paint job

    If you can afford the new rupes Ibrid short neck,that would be the way to go.You can use that on pretty much anything on the bike.The gg3 is questionable because of lack of power.The da will work on that piece you posted but are limited to its ability on different parts on the bike.Pads for da orange cut and finishing pad.

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    Re: DA new paint job

    It's in perfect condition. Hand wax that baby. No need for a machine to wax it.

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