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Thread: Hydro blue sio2

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    Re: Hydro blue sio2

    Quote Originally Posted by Pioneer18 View Post
    Any thoughts on using this product on motorcycles? I would love to use something like this on the chrome engine and exhaust surfaces but wonder what the extreme heat would do to the coating.

    I love this stuff on my vehicles. Keeps everything slick after applying the glass, wheel and paint coatings.
    I'd go for it. I asked Nick about the engine bay, he said sure try it out. The heat would just it to degrade faster IMO.

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    Re: Hydro blue sio2

    So far I haven't tried it on paints but I do use it as a topper on my wheels. Wheels are coated with the Mckees Wheel Coating. The combination of the 2 has really taken wheel cleaning from hell to incredibly manageable.

    I know some people say to clean coated wheels "just power wash them and they're clean." I don't buy that at all but they are so much easier to clean. I wash my car pretty regularly, I'd say on average once every 10 days or so. (Car is garaged) and even using a rinseless product like ONR I'm able to get my wheels pretty clean. Today I did an ONR rinseless but before I did the rinseless I gave my tires and wheels a good cleaning. I use Mckees foaming wheel cleaner and it's been a great way to go about it.

    Been tempted to someday try the Hydro Blue on paint but I still enjoy my sealant/wax combo with spray waxes or sealants used as maintenance/toppers.

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    Re: Hydro blue sio2

    Quote Originally Posted by Gunny Fitz View Post
    Are we allowed to post Internal Links to products here or what? (Meaning AutoGeek gear)
    If so, and if you are talking about this stuff as a Rinse Aid, etc. I just wrote a small review on another thread. SPOLIER ALERT......

    CarPro Hydro2 Touchless Silica Sealant 1 Liter

    Not looking to offend anyone here that uses the product and LIKES it, but it will NOT be used on any of my vehicles ever again!
    I went EXACTLY by the bottle on it and this stuff left the biggest, hard to remove water spots I ever saw! If anyone wants 3/4 of a bottle of it, you can come get it, or I'll mail it to you. Though Im a fan of their products in general, this stuff just did NOT do me any favors whatsoever!
    I would say Hydro2 is the most finicky of the spray on rinse off products out there (out of the ones I've tried.) I had a bad experience with it as well

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    Re: Hydro blue sio2

    I've used it on my daily black GMC Sierra, for "in between details", with really good results. I was skeptical and had realistic expectations from a $20 bottle of simply spray and wash off product. It exceeded them! Did not dilute, applied wet and pressure rinsed...One bottle was enough for the whole truck and wheels. It's really great for my black wheels as it mists into crevices for protection.

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