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    McKee's 37 Hi-Def Paint Sealant 8 month Longevity Update

    I always get questions via PM,Facebook,YouTube on the longevity of Hi-Def Paint Sealant and Hydro Blue. So here is a "Update"

    The Story

    In March 2017 I was repairing some paint transfer scuffs on my neighbors car, I seen the transfer and left my business card on the door. Sure enough they called, I set up an appointment to remove the transfer scuffs in my community.

    While I was working my other neighbor with a beautiful Black Jag came up to me and asked If I can get rid of "swirl marks" I explained to him that removing swirl marks is my specialty!

    He said after I was done removing the transfer to come over and look at his car, After I was all done I took a look at his car. I offered a 2-Step Paint Correction Process and a 1-Step Paint Correction process his eyes bulged from my prices. I did a "test spot" with tape to show him a 50/50 difference and explained to him the process and the time it takes to do a quality job. (You have to educate your customers on why you charge what you charge)

    After he seen the difference in the 50/50 He opted for the 1-Step with a Sealant package. The total time spent on this car was about 5 Hours. Afterwards the owner was blown away by the results, He brought by over 5 of his friends to look at the job I did. Afterwards he explained to me that he was sorry he doubted my pricing, And that he is so used to paying $60 in West Palm Beach to get his car "waxed" and He did not understand how thorough of a process detailing can actually be. He was a very nice guy and gave me a generous tip.

    I Used Fast Polish a Blue HDO Cutting Pad and then sealed it with one coat of Hi-Def Paint Sealant.

    Here is what It looked Like when I was all done!

    Since then my neighbor Vinny has driven from New Jersey back to Florida twice since the 8 Months.

    It was raining all day yesterday, And as I passed by his car on my way to the Trademark Garage, I stopped to take pics of the water beading.

    That is 8 months going on 9.

    You might be wondering, How did he wash/maintain it since then.

    I educated Vinny in proper wash methods, He only washes with N914 as a rinseless and waterless wash. We live in a Condo Community so we do not hose access. Vinny Loves the fact that he can rinseless wash in our own community without worrying about the Automatic Car Wash scratching his black beauty.

    This Jaguar is not garage kept, It sits outside all day in the hot florida sun, And Hi-Def Paint Sealant is going on the 9 month mark.

    So YES! Hi-Def Paint Sealant is the real deal. I wouldn't exactly call Vinny a "Car care" expert either.

    The Process:

    Here is what I did step-by-step. (Did this in my condo community no hose access)

    - Rinseless Washed with N914
    - Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator to clean Tires
    - N914 To Clean Wheels
    - One-Stepped with McKee's 37 Fast Polish / With Blue Lake Country HDO Cutting Pad
    - Used N914 @ Panel Wipe Ratio (1:8) To remove polishing oils
    - Sealed with Hi-Def Paint Sealant (one coat) via machine

    Product List:

    Hi-Def Paint Sealant
    Fast Polish
    Blue HDO Cutting Pad
    Flex XFE 7-15
    Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator

    - Joe Metlow
    Next Level Auto Detail

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    Re: McKee's 37 Hi-Def Paint Sealant 8 month Longevity Update

    Glad he came around to understanding what's actually involved in "detailing". On a side note those rims look outstanding on there!

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    Re: McKee's 37 Hi-Def Paint Sealant 8 month Longevity Update

    That's impressive Joe.

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    Re: McKee's 37 Hi-Def Paint Sealant 8 month Longevity Update

    Duh...This is not clear.

    Had no idea we were supposed do a panel wipe before applying high def sealant.

    I did a custom truck out in Arizona past spring. I used to Rupes compound and polish to get the final finish we wanted. Then went straight to applying high def sealant w/o a panel wipe down. Left it on for 24 hours before taking it off. Beautiful results!

    I read the directions---and don't recall any mention of doing a panel wipe down!

    Am I dreaming? It's been a few months since spring!!!

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    Re: McKee's 37 Hi-Def Paint Sealant 8 month Longevity Update

    I have never done a panel wipe, didn't know you had to and its still going strong months later I think I applied mine the beginning of summer and stopped by a coin op yesterday for a quick rinse off and it still beaded like the pics here

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    Re: McKee's 37 Hi-Def Paint Sealant 8 month Longevity Update

    You don't have to use a panel wipe for most sealants but I believe that for mckee high Def paint sealant, it is recommended due to some of the same chemicals in the paint coating in the sealant. However, I always use a panel wipe after polishing just because I don't want to risk causing any marring removing polish
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    Re: McKee's 37 Hi-Def Paint Sealant 8 month Longevity Update

    Thanks for the update Joe!
    Scott Harle

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    Re: McKee's 37 Hi-Def Paint Sealant 8 month Longevity Update

    Thank you Joe for the update. I hate to bump this old thread but was researching Hi Def sealant. I love reviews where updates are posted. This is also a TRUE review of the original product since no boosters were used.

    With the insane ease of use and wipe off and over 6 month duration, better than most coatings.

    How does this do with trim?

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