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    RivFan Review: Nick's Rinseless Wash Beta Product

    Thanks Nick for selecting me to test and provide feedback for your new Rinseless Wash !

    I received my sample just before Christmas... and the first thing I noticed was that the shipping label indicated the package was shipped from "McKees 37." So I'll go out on a limb and predict that this new Rinseless concentrate will be a McKees 37 branded product and will post my comments here in the McKees 37 product forum.

    The day my package arrived our outside temperature was in the low single digits. Upon opening the package, I found my small sample to be frozen completely solid. This made me nervous that the product could be damaged but at that point what else can you do but thaw it out and hope for the best.

    Fast forward a couple of days and I have now had my first opportunity to try out the sample. I opened the bottle and was pleased to find that there was no issues with the product freezing during transit. Unexpected test #1 successfully passed.

    The sample has a very pleasant "fresh & clean" scent. It is not overpowering and I think those that are sensitive to some of the scents used in detailing products will have no issues. The smell is very pleasing.

    I proceeded to mix up a 48 oz. pump sprayer at the WW dilution ratio of 128:1 using distilled water. I then put 2 gallons of tap water into a bucket and added 1 oz. of the sample to make my rinseless solution at the recommended 256:1 dilution ratio.

    Similar to D114, there was a minor amount of foaming when preparing my two mixes - but a bit less than D114 in my opinion.

    I use the "Garry Dean Wash Method" for my rinseless washes, soaking 5-6 480 GSM microfiber towels in my rinseless solution and presoaking each of the panels that I'm working on with a pump sprayer.

    The vehicle that I washed was my wife's daily driver. It was caked with salt and road grime due to our rough Wisconsin winter weather. This vehicle is coated with Wolfgang Uber and has been "topped" with Kamikaze Overcoat.

    The Beta rinseless performed very well at cleaning each panel with sufficient lubricity, but was not as slick as for example Wolfgang Uber Rinseless. The cleaning ability and slickness is on par with what Meguiars D114 provides.

    One area where the Beta rinseless differs from D114 is in drying. One of the characteristics of D114 that I particularly enjoyed was it's ability to dry quickly on its own without leaving any streaks or residue. The Beta rinseless did not dry as quick and required more wipes with my drying towel to fully dry each panel. I purposely did not use a drying aid with this wash. If I had, I believe that the beta sample would have performed a bit better and more comparable to D114 used without the help of a drying aid.

    Another area of difference between the Beta sample and D114 would be in it's performance on glass. I found that the Beta sample was not as easy to wipe streak free from the glass as D114 is.

    So in summary, the new "McKees 37" Rinseless has excellent cleaning ability and sufficient slickness. IMHO it's two areas that could be improved upon are it's ability to dry more quickly without streaks or residue, and it's ability to dry streak free on glass.

    Keep up the good work Nick!
    ​Al Schmidt
    "Adventure, is a car called Riviera..."

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    Re: RivFan Review: Nick's Rinseless Wash Beta Product

    Thanks for the detailed review.

    Sent from my iPhone

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    Re: RivFan Review: Nick's Rinseless Wash Beta Product

    Nice review.

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