My boat gets drydocked and after every in/out, the staff scrubs below the rail with "soap water" (not sure what it is yet) and a blue brush.

This happens about 30 times / year. Do you have any feedback on how this will affect the durability of the Captain's Coating? Similarly, I've been using starbrite non-skid cleaner to clean the diesel exhaust fallout from the yard forklifts on the deck and it invariably drips down the hull. Is the CC resilient to this type of chemical? (I think the pH is ~12). It works instantly compared to the half dozen other things i've tried to use ( CG MaxiSuds, simple green, meg gold class, 1z, etc)

Should i use anything to refresh this periodically throughout the seasons?

Does layering help?

How much coverage shoudl i be able to get out of the 8oz bottle that autogeek sells? (I figure i have about 1000 sqft of gelcoat + another 300 of nonskid.)