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Thread: Hello!

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    I am a detail hobbyist and have been almost since I started driving (back in the '80's) but only in the past 3 years or so have I actually realized what detailing actually entails. As a teenager, I could happily spend the day in the garage with my car washing, polishing, waxing and generally doing my best to make my car look as good as my meager skills and knowledge could. When I say "polishing" as it relates to then, I had the product and applied it by hand without actually understanding how to use it - I would say I used it in a way that people would use a glaze.

    I sort of got away from the hobby for a few years, neglected the paint on my car and before I knew it, the desert sun had taken its toll on my car. It was embarrassing and I was ashamed my neglect resulted in that massive clearcoat failure that my car had become. Then that car was totaled. I inherited my wife's car as my daily driver and bought my wife a newer car vowing to keep them in as good a condition as I could. As I live in Arizona and my car lives outside, I must be vigilant in keeping my paint protected from the relentless sun.

    In this day of youtube and these forums, I devoured hours of videos and forum threads rekindling my lost passion of detailing. I have been acquiring products and tools along with more skills and understanding of the hobby as I practice in my garage on the weekends. A big step for me was successfully polishing the hazed headlights on my car which gave me the confidence to try polishing paint.

    My first attempt at polishing paint with a dual action polisher (a Porter Cable) was my mother in laws car, which is also in my care. I thought that went very well. It isn't perfect but I polished 11 years of road grime out of her white paint and it looked much brighter afterward.

    So that's where I am. Still acquiring and trying out products, working on my skills and absorbing as much information as I can from everyone. I don't know if my neighbors realize when they see me in the garage all day with one car cleaning, detailing and polishing everything that I really am enjoying myself and relaxing (my mind anyway).

    I'm so glad to be a customer and member here to exchange ideas on this hobby (or profession in many cases) we all enjoy!

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    Re: Hello!

    Welcome to AGO!!

    Lots of great detailing info here, and even greater forum members.

    No question is "dumb" here on AGO. Unlike other forums, AGO recognizes that EVERYONE has to start from scratch and learn.

    Great to have you, and look forward to seeing you on the board.
    It is no coincidence that man's best friend cannot talk.

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    Re: Hello!

    With just about anything in life, one learns to walk first before they can run.

    In the detailing world, that boils down to saying that everyone here in this forum was once a hack rank amateur. A guitarist such as Jim Hendrix, or Stevie Ray Vaughan at one time in their lives could not play do-re-mi. A Cyclist such as Lance Armstrong could not ride a bike. You get the picture.

    Now what can hamper a person is their age. A child of 6-9 years old can gain mastery of a musical instrument, learn a new language or two, learn scholastics, and excel in all in very short time.

    Whereas an adult 30-50 years of age might take many months, years, and maybe never accomplish what an adolescent can accomplish seemingly so easily.

    As a Shoalin 8th degree Black Sash Master friend one told me many years ago, and who is now at present day a Junior Grand Master said "What you put in, you get out".

    You must have a will, a wish, a want, and overall enjoy this hobby, the work involved cannot be viewed as a chore but a means of getting from point A-B, and the learning processes, the sweat, the soreness are all learning tools, just like with a martial art.

    The pain doesn't ever go away after a detailing work-out, just like Martial Art sparring and doing forms, but it gets easier, and you hopefully learn from your mistakes and move on, progress.

    You have come to a very good and a very cool forum indeed. I've reaped much knowledge here, made many good acquaintences, and I know as we age (I'm soon to be 65 on the 12th) we get more set in our ways, reluctant to entertain others ideas as sound.

    While you may in time come across another member who irks you, or seemingly insults you for some reason, such disagreements and any such infighting squabbles is not at all tolerated here.

    We all generally show a great deal of respect for each other, show great willingness to help others regardless of proficiency level, because as I said in my first paragraph, they know too as I, that they also had to walk before they could run.

    Just like in the martial arts world, or a musician, etc., the same applies here, there's always somebody better, somebody tougher, more proficient, and more masterful.

    I really enjoy being here, great place to be! I think you'll find this too, do stick around! :-)

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    Re: Hello!

    Welcome to the best car detailing forum on the Interweb!

    Mike Phillips
    Director of Training Autogeek & Marine 31
    IDA Board Member - Certified Detailer - Skills Validated Detailer - IDA Recognized Trainer
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    Re: Hello!

    Welcome to AGO...just as MarkD51 and PaulMys said, this is an awesome community to exchange ideas, learn from others experiences (good and bad!), and just an incredible wealth of great information from a very respectful way. The Jedi Master, the Yoda of AGO...aka Mike Phillips is a wealth of USEFUL REAL WORLD information and just a cool dude!!

    Again, welcome to AGO!


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    Re: Hello!

    Welcome to the site!
    Scott Harle

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    Re: Hello!

    Quote Originally Posted by ghostwrench View Post

    I am a detail hobbyist and have been almost since I started driving (back in the '80's) but only in the past 3 years or so have I actually realized what detailing actually entails.

    I'm so glad to be a customer and member here to exchange ideas on this hobby (or profession in many cases) we all enjoy!

    Hi and welcome I'm a newbie here, too. Great place to discuss

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