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Thanks for sharing Mike. As someone who just “graduated” from the most recent class, it was great to work, side-by-side, with others of various experience levels.
A lot of people say what you said above, that is they like working with a good mix of people from different backgrounds and different experience levels.

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Since moving south and retiring , I had always said I would attend. I finally had the chance. The hours spent were hard work but fun and educational.

I can speak for the folks in the class when I say using all the different machines was a thrill.

I always wondered about using them and I can now say I have.

That would be this class,

Pictures & Comments September 2018 3-Day Detailing Class at Autogeek with Mike Phillips

And we really had some great cars to work on in that class including the 1965 GTO and the 1957 Tbird everyone was able to learn how to wet sand by hand and machine on these two bitchen rides!

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There were some folks in the class that had bought stuff but waited to use it so they could learn how to use the tools.

To hear Louise’s story is very cool.

I took the above pictures and created this thread because so many guys I meet, (typically guys, not women), in conversation tell me,

I'm not a detailer

Implying that they think the class is only for detailers, people that detail their cars for money. But as you probably experienced, about 50% to 60% of the people that attend ANY of the classes are NOT detailers, they are just people that love to work on their cars or boats....

So I created this thread with those pictures and I share it various ways to show all the big strong guys of the world that if they like detailing their cars and boats, then this class is for them. It is not just for people that detail for money. If it's out of their budget then that's something each person has to figure out but Louise flew all the way from California to Stuart, Florida and loved this class.

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Now, just gotta get thru Hurricane Michael so I can attend the boat class in February...LOL!
I have not had a head count lately but going by how many people tell me they are going to take the February boat class it's going to sell out faster than ever.

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Big Thank you to you Mike, Andre, and Autogeek for making this happen for all of us.

Thanks for commenting Steve....