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    The Power Of Air... My New Favorite Interior Tool!

    In my latest video I tackled a farm truck Ford F-350 Power Stroke and it was filled with dirt and dust in every single corner. I typically reach for my brush and APC but this time I wanted to try blowing as much crap out with air only. Needless to say, I made a dust storm and it is something you should probably do outside only but I was really impressed with how much easier vacuuming was and wiping down the misc panels.

    If you haven't tried using an air tool before, give it a go... I'm officially converted.

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    Re: The Power Of Air... My New Favorite Interior Tool!

    If you enjoyed using that air chuck, look into buying a Tornador. Will change the way you detail. Your videos are great btw. Keep up the good work.

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    Re: The Power Of Air... My New Favorite Interior Tool!

    I agree and have done this a good number of times. Power up my Air Compressor with a Blower Attachment and go to town!

    That forced air can dislodge cruds that are buried all over, near seat belts that mount into the floors, in between seats, blow out glove boxes and consoles, dashes, rear decks, etc.

    That no vacuum attachment made will succeed in fully getting.

    There are often these blower attachments that can be had, which have 1/8" metal tube extensions on them, and they too come in handy versus the simple run of the mill blower attachment with a short conical nozzle.
    I have a whole mess of these.

    Even have their mechanical uses, bowing out evaporators, condensers, windshield cowls, areas where cabin air filters reside, blowing out clogged sunroof drain lines, etc.

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