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    Annual Report for the State

    I wanted to let everyone know about a scam here in Massachusetts and to ask if anyone ever encountered this situation. I have a sales rep business that I register with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts every year and the fee for the annual report is $100. I usually receive an email from the secretary of state's office in January and I complete the online form in a timely fashion.
    Recently I received an official looking document from the Massachusetts Council for Corporations and it was a corporate records solicitation form for listing all of the shareholders, corporate directors, and corporate officers. They asked for $150.00 and it had to be in by February 3. I am so glad that I checked the secretary of state's website warning about this scam.
    Everyone here on the forum is a small business owner and I was wondering if you guys encountered other scams like this in other states.

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    Re: Annual Report for the State

    I have similar mailings about maintaining your corporate records and I trash them. I pay for my records online. I was told by my State (CA), that they do not solicit for anything on your business. WE are required to maintain the fees on THEIR website! I guess in this case, it is a good thing!

    Thanks for the heads-up! KEEP ON ROCKING!
    2013 Mustang GT w/Track Pack 6-Speed Manual
    Save the Manual!

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    Re: Annual Report for the State

    Yep. Encountered the same scam starting last year. They tried to pull it on me again this year. I pitch their notice and wait for the official notice from the state to come. Then I go online and pay the fee for the report filing.
    Treat it like it's the only one in the world.

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