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    Lightbulb Auto Detailing Facebook + Instagram Marketing Guide: Part 1

    Hi all,

    This is part one of a multi-part series to help bridge the gap between customers and auto detailers. This series will focus around social media, in particular Facebook. If you like the content and want to see more parts leave me a comment!

    Part 1: Where to begin?

    Likes, actions and comments are good, but business results are even better. From driving awareness during a launch to increasing leads to dealers, start by thinking about what your true business objective is.

    Focus on your business objective from this:I need to increase shares, comments, and likes.” “I need to grow fans.” “What is a best-in-class social strategy?”

    To this:
    I need to drive awareness of company .” “I need to drive leads.” “I need to complement my traditional marketing tactics (flyers, cards, brochures, etc) with increased reach.”

    Always ensure media best practices align with your objectives • Lifestyle/life stage • Psychographic • Your site visitors • 3rd party data (auto shoppers)

    We want to break this next part of delivery into three parts:

    1.) VALUE

    • Bid what the conversion is worth to you through manual bidding or let Facebook decide the best bid for you through automatic bidding.


    • Use copy and images that resonate with your audience. This paired with targeting can help increase ad relevance score for more consistent ad delivery

    3.) Delivery

    • Select the optimization goal that meets your objectives., and make sure you are optimizing for it via the Facebook Pixel. • Test and iterate where needed to help achieve desired outcome(s)

    **Think about Creative for a mobile world**
    The majority of your Facebook impressions will be delivered on mobile screens. The goal is to develop creative that will stop people as they scroll through their News Feed.

    How do you measure the effectiveness of your Facebook campaigns?
    • We want to ensure that your campaigns are driving results tied to your key business objectives. When launching a campaign, think about what are the important KPIs you need to measure to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns.

    Again, we can break this next part up into three parts:

    • Are we reaching the right audience at the right reach and frequency to achieve our business goals?

    • Is the campaign positively impacting brand metrics and wider perceptions?

    • Does the campaign result in an uplift in website traffic, lead generations or phone calls?

    Automotive consumers are shifting their attention from traditional media to digital and mobile, reshaping the path to purchase. Facebook and Instagram are at the center of that shift—it’s where people spend time across their devices.

    And because consumers share their lives and discover what matters to them on Facebook and Instagram, there’s no more relevant place to launch and sustain your vehicle with full sight, sound and motion.

    In the next post I will dive into best practices for generating awareness for your auto detailing business, this is the tip of the iceberg If you guys liked this let me know with a comment or something you want more explanation for

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    Re: Auto Detailing Facebook + Instagram Marketing Guide: Part 1

    Nice and informative post.

    It reads like you have a background in online marketing?

    I'm confident most people on this forum that detail for dollars will appreciate genuine help.

    Mike Phillips
    Director of Training Autogeek & Marine 31
    IDA Board Member - Certified Detailer - Skills Validated Detailer - IDA Recognized Trainer
    Mike Phillips Facebook Page
    Mike Phillips Detail Training Credentials
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