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I'd be willing to bet two coats would last double that amount of time. I single coat of 845 for me lasts at least six months. I got 5 months out of a singe coat in the worst winter this area had seen in 40 years. The car was constantly salt encrusted and saw frequent touchless washes, which tend to be brutal on an LSP due to the harsh soaps.
Sorry no pics.
GF got 100k 10 yr old accord in December. No clay, no polish, 2 coats 845 12 hrs apart in garage. Protect for winter in Md.
Did 20 our yr old toyota in may, one coat 845, no prep.
Early June rain, cars were side-by-side; hood-to hood, while still raining.
Bead patterns were 99% identical. Was just amazing to see.
Not conclusive scientific evidence, but standing there I could not tell the difference.
Same product, 6 months & a 2x coat vs a 1 coat difference, on different paint, and looked identical beading patterns.
Honda garaged maybe 50% of the time, toyota never.
The 3 step polish needed on my 2011 accord coup Belize blue, w/3x coats 845 is another story, and pics will come.
Topped of later w/ 1 coat 915 took it to another level.
This stuff is amazing.
Mr. Collins knew his sh!t