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    Detailing steps - same-o same-o or do I up my game?

    Hello, I'm pretty much a novice detailer although I've been washing and 'detailing' my 2019 dark gray Silverado for awhile now. Here's what I've been doing for the last few years.
    1. Every spring, I live in Michigan, I spend 500 bucks at a detailing shop for an inside / outside buff and clean.
    2. Then every Friday through the fall I wash with Optimum No Rinse and then use Maguire's Ultimate Quik Detailer spray over the whole truck. I use many quality fiber towels. I'll go thru a brushless car wash if its real dirty before I do my cleaning. I don't drive it much, 23,000 miles on it right now, so it doesn't get very dirty usually. I'll do the tires with a Maguires tire cleaner also. I spend some time on the inside and I get the windows streak free but the outside is where I spend most of the time.

    Thats it. It looks pretty good if you ask me. But I'm wondering if its time to change my routine. I'm retired so I have the time to do more if need be.

    So my questions are numerous but I'll try to keep them understandable and at a minimum.

    1. What would a slightly more advanced routine be?
    2. Buy a buffer polisher? Which one? Something less than $300. That eliminates the detailing shop, correct? I dont have many but do these buffer polishers get rid of swirl marks?
    3. If I buy a polisher how often do I do that? Every week? Can you buff and polish to much?
    4. Do I still use a detail spray? How often? And can you do that to much? When are you just adding a layer of spray detail to last weeks?
    5. There are a ton of products to use. Any recommendations for each step?

    I guess thats it. So if anyone has a 'better' routine based on what you just read, and your willing to lay it out in steps, I'd appreciate reading your answers.


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    Re: Detailing steps - same-o same-o or do I up my game?

    Hey folks, as I browse autogeek I'm finding some of my answers. Mike Phillips articles seem to be where to start.

    I found this from over 10 years ago. I've never done claying but it sounds important. And I'll need to buy a DA polisher. This seems like the whole 9 yards approach. My current way is probably 2 yards. Somewhere in the middle of 2 and 9 sounds good.

    It all depends what your goals are and what the finish looks like.

    You may be able to get away with a polish in order to remove much of the finish defects thus removing the compounding. Sealant is a product that many are not familiar with but typically protect longer than waxes and go down easily so I recommend keeping "it" and forgo the wax step.


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