How to use Image Tags to insert a photo

There's an button you can use to insert an image in the collection of tools for formatting at the top of the message box when working on a vBulletin forum.

It looks like this,

And it will automatically insert the image tags for you and place them at the front and back of the URL Address for you pictures.

Another way to do it is to type them out yourself using the block quote, the forward slash and the letters IMG

To do this you first need the URL Address for the image and then copy and paste it in-between an opening and closing IMG tag. In most cases you can get the URL Address for any picture you on a website by >>>Right Clicking<<< on top of the image and then in the dialog box that pops up, locate the URL Address and highlight and copy it.

Then type out an opening image tag, then copy and paste the URL Address immediately after it and then type in the image closing tag.

This is an image opening tag,

This is an image closing tag,

This is an URL Address

And inside the image tags it would look like this,

Here's an article I wrote...

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