1 hour Detail - Pinnacle Jeweling Wax & FLEX CBEAST

I was testing out a new product for a review this morning and afterwards I machine waxed the car using Pinnacle Jeweling Wax and the FLEX Cordless 3401 aka the CBEAST.

I buzzed around this car hitting the paint and all the glass and did it under an hour and only used one battery.

When I say I BUZZED around this car that means this was a Mike Phillips Quickie Buff. The paint was in fairly good shape to start with. I used 2 Lake Country 6.5" HDO orange polishing pads.

Pinnacle Jeweling Wax - good correction with jewel like results and super easy wipe-off.

This battery still has power after going around the entire car.

This belongs to Cody, one of our warehouse staff. Free car wash and quickie buff - all set for the weekend!

Cordless Benefits

  1. No power cord.
  2. No extension cord.
  3. No hassles.

Pure buffing enjoyment.

Last I heard the cordless FLEX 3401 is expected to be available in August. It has become hands-down, the most popular tool out of all the tools I showcase in my car detailing classes among those that attend. I show a LOT of tools and everyone is encouraged to use them all. The cordless FINISHER is also very popular, a very close second to the cordless CBEAST.

From my observations....

Enthusiast detailers - mostly just detailing their own cars = Cordless FINISHER.

Pro Detailers - mostly looking for speed with swirl-free results = Cordless CBEAST.


Come to one of my Roadshow Classes or one of the 3-day classes here at Autogeek in Stuart, Florida and test out ALL the different tools and make-up your own mind which tools is your favorite.

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